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Each world note page provides a narrative description of the DU to guide game play. The Tetras page is an example of a world note that provides colour and flavour to the world.

World Notes go hand-in-hand with World Aspects. Like all aspects, World Aspects can be invoked by Players and GameRunners to gain advantages. Unlike other aspects, World Aspects are usually used to guide character creation rather than being invoked in game play.

Advanced Technologies

A suite of technologies have matured in the last few years causing huge shifts in people's behaviours as they are adopted by consumers. The big ones are all based on very powerful Artificial Intelligences (AIs) and abundant fusion power.

The Singularity Is Coming

The rate of technological and cultural innovation increases exponentially for humans. At some point, the pace of change approaches infinity; from moment to moment, magical new technologies appear, radically transforming humanity's relationship to the world. This is the singularity.


Tetras are networked sophants with three to seven bodies that wirelessly integrate their brains into a single consciousness. While they have many parts and senses that humans can recognize, they are very alien.