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Each world note page provides a narrative description of the DU to guide game play. The Tetras page is an example of a world note that provides colour and flavour to the world.

World Notes go hand-in-hand with World Aspects. Like all aspects, World Aspects can be invoked by Players and GameRunners to gain advantages. Unlike other aspects, World Aspects are usually used to guide character creation rather than being invoked in game play.

Advanced Technologies

A suite of technologies have matured in the last few years causing huge shifts in people's behaviours as they are adopted by consumers. The big ones are all based on very powerful Artificial Intelligences (AIs).

World Aspects derived from this include:


Tetras just started appearing on March 1st, 2034, appearing spontaneously out of thin air at local noon. Tetras exhibit a degree of symmetry not found in any Terran biology. Where humans have bilateral symmetry - left and right sides are mostly reflections - Tetras have somthing we didn't have a name for: triaxial symmetry. The main portion of their bodies looks the front of a human male torso from ribs to neck, but reflected so that the top and bottom are the same, and the back and front are the same. Instead of a head, they have long, prehensile trunks - similar in structure to elephant trunks. They inhale through both of these continuously. Their bodies are covered in hollow quills that vary in thickness and stiffness and colour. Around their centre-line, for example, the quills are up to 0.5cm in diameter, vasularized, and form the terminus for the respiratory system (they exhale through all of these).

Basic outline of Tetra gross anatomy. Actual coloration varies wildly. The quills that cover their torsos are not shown here.

Colouration varies wildly from individual to individual, in patterns that are often reminiscent of tie-die t-shirts. These patterns extend beyond the visible spectrum, from the ultraviolet down to microwave frequencies.

Tetras have no eyes or sensory organs to detect light. They appear to navigate the world through a combination of sonar (like whales), electrical senses (eels and some sharks), and magnetic senses (not found in Terran ecologies as far as we know).

Their hands are superficially similar primate hands: five digits, but the pinkie is a thumb and the middle finger is very significantly larger than the others. It has protruding bone plates on the first and second segments, providing a hoof-like structure to walk on and a solid structure to brachiate with. The last segment of the large finger has a broad flat pad with gecko-like microstructures: it is extremely grippy. Oh, and all the joints can bend in either direction.

Tetras are rarely found alone, generally operating in small teams of 3-6 individuals. When isolated, Tetras are unpredictable. Some individuals become meek, while others become aggressive. Their social structure is a mystery, but it is clear that they are at least as intensely social as humans.

The current speculation is that Tetras share some common evolutionary pressures with humans, and some that were very different. With no light-sensing organs, Tetras must have evolved in an environment where light was not a factor or was not reliable.