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Aliases: #REDIRECT [[Wolverine]]



High Concept: Who needs armour when you can heal like this?
Trouble: Utterly single minded... 'cause they are too stupid to hold two goals at once.
  • Regeneration: Our bodies are absurbly good at regenerating without scarring.
Fate Points
Refresh: 0 Current Total 0
Careful Clever Flashy Forceful Quick Sneaky
-2 0 0 +7 +7 0
Sophant Characteristics
  • Augments are people who have altered themselves significantly from baseline for their species, or the specific alterations they have made to their bodies and minds. The most common augments are mechanical/cybernetic, neural, genetic, or chemical. Augments begin with 24R for approaches and abilities, 4R of normal Refresh, and 4L for their Unstable Augment limitation (28R/4L). They can take up to 44R/20L. This kind of min/max character is likely to be very fragile.
  • Asbestos: As a walking blob of hyperagressive cancer, anyone exposed to us is at serious risk of being overtaken by our supreregenreating cells. Anywhere we have been is an almost uncleanable perpetual biohazard to any vertabrate that encounters it. Like a massive dose of radiation, the cancer and melty body happen in hours. Unfortunately the victim is essentially biomass to be converted into a Wolverine (5kg per PS) Perseistent+3 Wounding Factor+3. (Common, Fatal 8L)
  • 'Sword Limbs: +2 to Quickly slash or Forcefully stab an enemy with monofilament AP3 hands and feet. (2R)
Magic: Spells and Powers
Augmentation: Genetic and Cybernetic
  • Doughboy: The 300kg starting weight is 80kg in the torso, 50kg per limb, and 20kg in the head.[1]
  • Damage Dispersal: Dismemberment happens any time a single blow does more PS than the wolverine has. The first 12PS are applied to the dismembered fragment, which starts as a 0PS segment. The main body still takes 2PS from the dismemberment. The fragment must regenerate to its full 12PS pool before it can act (36s/2.5t). The main body soaks any additional damage and continues fighting. A +21PS hit would cleave off a leg (absorbing 12PS). The main body takes +2PS for dismemberment and the other 9PS from the hit. It's left reeling with only 1PS left. Both parts heal 1PS/3s so at the end of the turn they may have recovered up to 5PS.[2]
  • Armour Piercing Extremities: My hands are monofilament leaf-blades good for stabbing and slashing. So are my feet. Knees and elbows? Daggers. +3AP slash/pierce (3R).
Damage Resistance and Healing
  • MS: 2 pt pool (1R)
  • PS: 12 pt pool (6R)
  • Healing Factor: +20HF (40R). A Healing Factor grants the ability to regenerate one type of stress rapidly and completely. Each point of HF costs 4R and erases a point of stress every combat turn. If you have HF+1MS you regenerate 1MS per turn. HF+1PS regenerates 1PS per turn. Consequences may be healed at 1 shift per 15 minutes, if the consequence is related to the stress the HF can recover. 1PS or 1MS recovered every 3 seconds, or 5/turn. Regeneration is powered by mass: 1 damage is fuelled by 1kg.[3]
Stress: Mental Max 1 Stress: Physical Max 5
1 1 2 3 4 5
Consequences (Max 0)


Sumo-sized balls of fat and muscle - until they start taking damage. They appear to have melted and run a bit.


Experimental warriors designed to soak and recover from astonishing damage. These creatures take advantage of the metabolic advances pioneered by Dr. Fong with the Clone Drone Warriors. Their existence was kept from him in a compartmentalized team.

When activated a Wolverine carries 300kg of fat and muscle. If dismembered any part of the body larger than 40kg will regenerate into a new Wolverine. This is possible due to the incredible amount of metabolic energy stored throughout their bodies. Their fat is a complex powerhouse that can fuel astonishing regeneration and healing.

...They are supercharged walking cancers, yes.


  1. Lopping off a limb will result in 1@47kg Wolverine and one 247kg wolverine.
  2. GR judgement on how far into the turn the blow was struck. For example, if the fastest initiative was 8 the turn is divided into roughly 2s slices. A 21PS hit on initiative 5 would leave about 10s for healing. By end of turn the limb and body would recover about 3PS.
  3. A 300kg Wolverine cut in half - taking more than his 10PS stress pool in a single blow - will regenerate into two Wolverines. 10PS take 30s to recover and consume 10kg of their total mass. The two childverines are 145kg each.

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Data for Category:Characters stored in Special:CargoTables/CHARACTER with the Form:Character Sheet and Template:Character Sheet