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The Post Darwinists ruling council are named based on the Tolkien's heavenly heirarchy. While fertility is normally a prerequisite for membership in the ruling council, two positions are 'single' and can be held by a homo celestes who is not fertile: Ulmo, and Nienna.

  • Lady Varda, the Star-Queen and the Queen and Ruler of the Valar, and spouse of Manwë. Title held by Storm Anderson.
  • Lord Manwë, the Wind-King and the King of the Valar, and spouse of Varda.
  • Lord Ulmo, the Sea-King and the Lord of Water.
  • Lady Yavanna, the Fruit-Giver and the Lady of Earth, and spouse of Aulë.
  • Lord Aulë, the Smith and the Lord of Earth and all that's underneath, and spouse of Yavanna.
  • Lady Vána, the Ever-young and spouse of Oromë.
  • Lord Oromë, the Huntsman, the Lord of Forests and the Great Rider, and spouse of Vána.
  • Lady Vairë, the Weaver and spouse of Námo.
  • Lord Námo (Mandos), the Doomsman and the Judge of the Dead, and spouse of Vairë.
  • Lady Estë, the Gentle, Lady of Healing and Rest, and spouse of Irmo.
  • Lord Irmo (Lórien), Lord and Master of Dreams, Visions, and Desires, and Creator of the Oloré Mallé, or Path of Dreams, and spouse of Estë.
  • Lady Nessa the Dancer and spouse of Tulkas.
  • Lord Tulkas, the Wrestler, the Champion of Valinor and last of the Valar to come to Arda, and spouse of Nessa.