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VBFS is tough, flexible stealth armour designed for use by Augments - particularly Celestes. It trades in some protection for the ability to fly. (22R/22L)

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'''[[Vantablack Flight Suit]]''': VBFS is tough, flexible stealth armour designed for use by Augments - particularly Celestes. It trades in some protection for the ability to fly. (22R/22L)


:''Flight'': 3m long strunts extend from each arm forming the leading edge of a nanofilm wing. This connects to 2m struts extending out from the from the knees, and 1m struts from the ankles. The wearer generates lift using the entire body - not just the arms. It weighs 40kg, but even in lunar G it requires superhuman strength and agility to even glide. Climb at (Forceful)m/s (1m/s=3.6km/h). Max horizontal speed of 10x(Forceful+Quick)km/h (2.8m/s=10km/h)
:''Partial [[Vantablack]]'': The body of the suit is covered in a superconducting, superhydrophobic substance that reflects no light, radar, or sound. This makes it very difficult to target with any weapon - even in hand to hand combat. The wings shimmer like oil on water in visible light, are opaque to UV, and translucent to radar (mistaken for a large bird).
:'''Stealth''' (6R): +3 to Sneakily or Quickly avoid detection because of Vantablack.

''Stress Capacity'': Head: 1, Torso: 2, Limbs: 1.


:''+2 vs Piercing and Penetrating (4R)'': The flexible neck and torso are covered in two layers of scale-mail plates angled at 180° to each other. Non-Newtonian fluids pad the insides. From stilettos to micrometeorites to armour piercing shells, this armour is very protective.
:''Heat Sinks - 18PS pool (6R)'': Heat sinks absorb a lot of energy before the armour starts to radiate. Damage from heat-based attacks is applied to this pool of physical stress first. Once this is exhausted, heat based PS is applied to the wearer.
:''Active Cooling (2R)'': When in flight the wearer can engage an active cooling system that limits heat buildup. This increases the IR signature dramatically, but nowhere near powered aircraft. See ''Heat Management'' below.


''Heat (1L)'': Damage from lasers, torches, fire, etc., is shunted into the heat sinks by the superconducting materials that make up the armour plates. When the sinks are full, the wearer starts to take heat damage.
''Wing Stress (1L)'': Each point of damage to the wings effectively removes 1 Forceful from climbing and flight speeds. If the total Forceful falls to 4 or less the wing can not support flight.
''No Environmental Systems (2L)'': No protection against environmental damage from toxins, or vacuum.

''Trade Offs'':

:''Only when worn'' (3L): The benefits and weaknesses of this armour are lost when it is recharging or not worn. (Common, Inconvenient).
:''Unpowered (3L)'': Minimum approach scores of 4 Forceful and 4 Quick. (common, inconvenient)
:''Heat Management (4L)'': 1PS heat is absorbed by the supercooled heat sinks for 2 hours of walking around, 30 minutes of flight, or 2 minutes of combat (uncommon, damaging). Once the heat sinks are full the armour becomes hotter than the environment and shows up on IR. A heat sink pack can be replaced in 10 minutes. A heat sink takes 4h and a MW power supply to prepare.
:''Oven (8L)'': Heat stress continues to accumulate even after the 12PS pool is depleted. For each -1 in the pool, the wearer takes 1PS heat stress per minute. Combat and flight tend to increase the heat stress quickly. (common, fatal)