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Location: Umbra
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  • Cone of Silence: A clever combination of holography, sonic distortion, and a nanoparticle Faraday cage provide very good privacy (+4) against any snooping from outside the field.
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Umbra is a high-end bar and restaurant that charges a premium for privacy. It is reliably the most private meeting place on Luna, though it is not the most physically secure.

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Date Description Characters
Date Description Characters
2034-02-28 1100LT Signs Point To China Seismologists from Boeing quickly determined that there is a large tunnel leading out of the base. It terminates under the South East corner of the Al/O2 plant. It goes South. The only other structure on the moon is the Chinese base at the South Pole. Kevin racked his mind for where Dex · Syd · Dale · Kevin · Rebecca
2034-02-26 1530LT I just breathed human remains Earlier, Mycroft informed Syd that Brian and Phil were both missing for over an hour, but that he was not allowed to investigate their disappearance until they were off the network for three hours. That would be 1700LT. Syd asked Kevin to help figure out why the Vault was full of gr Dex · Syd · Undertaker · Mycroft · Bill · Dale · Rebecca · Ms. Smith · Duchess
2034-02-26 1200LT Momentous Meetings At Umbra At noon the Duchess and Ms. Smith had a secret meeting with unknown guests delivered directly from the port to Umbra's secret entrance. They met in the Vault. Dale was the interior guard. Although he did not hear any of the discussion, he was quite familiar with King Henry and [[Princess Vic Dale Young · Ms. Smith · Duchess Luna · King Henry · Princess Victoria · Brian William · Phil Bertrand
2034-02-26 1130LT Kevin Breaks Cover Kevin sat in the booth, waiting for what he hoped would be a life-changing meeting. He still didn’t like Syd, but had to admit that the cringing little man was good at moving things around under the radar. The ride from the Office to Umbra had been just as smooth and anonymous as the Kevin · Aurora Smith
2034-02-26 1000LT Spearfishing A melodious tone drew Rebecca’s attention to her left. Shauna’s AR projection was standing two metres away, seamlessly integrated into the environment at Umbra. She was panicking while she waited for Rebecca to answer. Rebecca could understand that: Shauna appeared to be covered Rebecca Blackburn · Dexter Lee · Shauna Singh · Dale Young
2034-02-25 1730LT This is how you stealth “Follow me,” Syd said, still wearing Kevin’s form. His lace picked up his desire to go to the big private room, and taking partial control of his body, started walking to the passageway through the aquarium. They were all still in the privacy field, so they couldn’t see anything around them. Kevin · Rebecca · Syd · The Squid · Shauna
2034-02-25 1710LT Containment is Attempted “I don’t get it,” Syd said. The lace-enforced calm left his voice flat. “What’s the problem with Kevin Cahn knowing Rebecca Blackburn?” Kevin noted Syd’s unnatural stillness, and his alert but emotionless expression. It was creepy. He considered how much to tell them about his h Kevin · Rebecca · Syd
2034-02-25 1700LT What are YOU doing here Rebecca saw Shauna sitting on a bench as she approached Umbra. Aun hopped up as she pushed her bike into a rack, and air kissed her boss on both sides. “It’s been a while since you had a double-Umbra day, isn’t it?” Her voice was low and rich, somewhat at odds with her short lean fra Rebecca · Shauna · Kevin · Dex · Syd · Mycroft
2034-02-25 1600LT Big Man Trouble Has a Pint Kevin has a drink and some banter with Dex. Kevin is sure Dex is a con artist of some sort, and Dex is sure that Kevin is not just a tourist. The conversation is devoid of any real meaning until the surprise arrival of some special guests. Dex · Syd · Kevin
2034-02-25 1500LT Rebecca has a concern Rebecca carefully concealed her anxiety and anger as she pedalled lightly down the broad, open-air cobbled road beside the Henry River. She was on her way to Syd’s bar, Umbra, from her bordello in the South side entertainment district, not far from her theatre complex. Riding in one Rebecca · Syd · Dex · Aurora · Wilson · Bertrand
2034-02-22 1700UTC A delivery is arranged Background: Phil Bertrand is a Genetek SVP, on his way to Luna Alpha for a vacation. That's what the records show, anyway. He had a bit of hand luggage that was to make it's way to Brian William's control without undue scrutiny. They hired Syd to make it happen. After a bit of ne Phil Bertrand · Syd · Brian William · Dex