Ultraviolet Emergency Preparedness

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Scenario: Ultraviolet Emergency Preparedness
Scenarios are narrative arcs that usually last several game Sessions. These are analogous to one movie in the MCU, or a plot line in a TV serial.
Parent Campaign: The Arrival;
Ultraviolet Emergency Preparedness Sessions:

At 9:45PM EST, Kaleb got the call from Boeing CEO Nanette Voss: get your ass to the Boeing Skunkworks in Sudbury and lock it down before the Tetras get in - especially Project Electrolux. Based on early reports the creatures appear to spawn like video-game characters, just appearing - behind locked doors, as often as not.Locations: Kaleb's Home (Fox Park, St. Louis, MO), Sudbury Airport and BURF in an "abandoned" mine in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.Scenario Start: 9:45PM/2145h UTC-5 (14 hours and 15 minutes before the Tetras arrive).

Data stored in Special:CargoTables/SCENARIO with the Form:Scenarios and Template:Scenarios