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  • Closed borders, closed culture, closed minds.
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Climate Change

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Sea Level

Many coastal cities are inundated by the ocean. Florida has been especially hard hit. Massive levies barricade major cities.


Date Description Characters
Date Description Characters
2034-03-12 0158 EST Coronal Mass Ejection hits the US Eastern Seaboard Global communications were badly disrupted by the bulging atmosphere. The CME that the Worldship - the Trees directed at the Eastern side of America disrupted or destroyed most of the rest of the low Earth orbit infrastructure. By this point orbital habitats were already abandoned, so very f Worldship · Tetras
2034-03-11 1800EST Damming the Colorado River Continues The huge, ponderous flow of molten rock reached the Colorado River in several places. The river began to block up, a condition expected to get much worse before it settles down. USA
2034-03-11 1700EST Damming the Colorado River The lava was mostly pouring into the Portland/Vancouver valley for a while. At this time it was thickening, starting to push up in the mountains and run down the river valleys. USA
2034-03-11 1553EST Gravity Lance Dissipates Over just a few seconds, the gravity lance dissipated. The low-g field receded back out over the 1000km diameter circle over the next 10-12 minutes. The lance was over the Pacific when it stopped.

Gravity Lance Off

When the enormous gravitational force returned to normal around 1012K
USA · Tetras
2034-03-11 1542EST The Ultimate Tornado 2034-03-11 1242PST

The g forces at the gravity spike are absurdly high - far outside the realm of intuition. The spike effectively creates a hard vacuum atop a fissure a few hundred metres deep. At the bottom of the fissure is a layer of molten rock made up of what was the crust.

===Leading Ed
2034-03-11 1541EST Gravity Spike 2034-03-11 1241PST The rolling wave of weakened gravity has converged on a ring roughly 2km in diameter at coordinates centred on (45°46'35.8"N 121°57'37.7"W). This ring had a vastly increased gravitational pull, believed to be in excess of 1000g. Anything mee USA
2034-03-11 1540EST Gravitational Distortion Converging 2034-03-11 1240PST

Over the last 8 minutes the gravitational distortion has moved inward, and appears to be converging on a point some 50km East of Portland, OR, North of Mount Hood and on or near the course of the Columbia River.

There are unconfirmed reports of heavy weapons use in the mount
USA · Tetras
2034-03-11 1535EST Gravitational Distortion Expanding 2034-03-11 1235PST The gravitational distortion is expanding rapidly inward, at roughly 1km/s. The ISS and other Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites are running into significant headwinds as the atmosphere expands in the region of lower gravity. Small earthquakes are being experienced across the e USA
2034-03-04 1200EST American Xenophobia FTW The US President calls for citizens to loin together with the military, to expel the alien invaders. Tetras do not appear to have any defensive technologies. USA
2027-01-01 0600UTC (Terror@Home) The Terror@Home attack on New Years Day, 2027 changed everything. A decade of deregulation and coporate 'self-policing' left the US wide open to a well orchestrated assault on the population through their connected devices. To this day no one knows who the terrorists that launched Bertha · Google
1948-02-12 Ray Kurzwiel was born Wikipedia account of Kurzwiel and his life. Ray Kurzwiel