Transhumanist Sects

From Discovered

There are hundreds of transhumanist sects around the world. Most are relatively small and focussed on a locale or core ideal. A few have grown to significant numbers and/or have demonstrated significant power. The Futurists are the most centrist and legal. Key radical sects include the Post Darwinists, Directed Quantum Evolutionists, and Cyborg Collective. There are also a large number of eugenic supremacy sets.


The largest transhumanist community is hosted by Ray Kurzweil and funded by Alphabet Inc (the parent company of Google). While they are quite moderate and mainstream compared to some other Transhumanist groups, they advocate for policies that are considered quite weird by most people.

Post Darwinists (PD)

The radical sect calling themselves Post Darwinists has gradually taken over Genetek, and launched the first strike in the Corporate War.

Directed Quantum Evolutionists (DQE)

The Directed Quantum Evolutionists (DQE) surfaced several years ago as an shadowy, edgy group with two primary goals:

  1. Establish practical, measurable goals for human capability throughout the solar system.
  2. Pursue transhumanist changes in worldwide human will, unconstrained by borders, political structures and the loadstones of archaic ethical constructs.
  3. Directly uplift humans from the current shackles of their arbitrary DNA combinations with bleeding edge science and real examples of progress.

Cyborg Collective

Meat is a terrible hardware platform, and people deserve to be able to replace parts with better parts. Support for their less radical ideas - especially for medical implants - is widespread.

Eugenic Supremacy Sects

Sadly, this category is full to bursting with groups promoting the supremacy of their culture / race / nationality / look. Each and every sect is reviled by almost all the others, and equally disgusting to most of the world population. I mean, not that group because they're kinda talking about me, but all the others are just awful.

On the whiter side of things, the KKK, white supremacists, Nazis are all popular in the US. White cultural nationalism is more common in Europe. France, Switzerland, Sweden, and Hungary are particularly infested with this type of organization. Self augmentation tends to be the major pursuit of these sects, but quite a few see themselves as the apex of humanity already and would rather cleanse the subhuman hoards. Bioweapons are a common pursuit, with genetic editing and conversion to whiteness a distant second.

In the lighter-brown world, extremist ideologies are relatively common in Muslim regions, with active members personally willing to use terror and violence to push their cause. Members of these sects tend to believe they are already divinely appointed to the cause, so personal augmentation is seen as a terrible sacrifice. Bioweapons are a common pursuit.

Israel has made all integrated replacement cybernetics illegal: nothing like artificial hearts, replacement livers, or bionic legs are allowed. At the same time it is an open secret that the secret forces are routinely augmented with implants and other additions to the body. They rarely remove or replace anything, but adding a nanotube mesh to a soldier's bones is just like adding a flak jacket, right?

Most countries in Africa have been beaten down by climate change. In many places the concept of transhumanism has nothing to do with changing humans, and everything to do with changing the environment to be able to sustain human life. GMO crops are everywhere, but Ghana has taken it to the next level with a genetic war against the Sahara. They have aggressively engineered cyborg plants to irrigate and populate the desert.