The Arrival

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Campaign: The Arrival

At high noon on Wednesday, March 1st, 2034, starting over Siberia, freaky looking aliens called Tetras just appeared. They started rummaging around the place, all while playing a recording of James T. Kirk saying “We come in peace.”

This caused some consternation and chaos.

Papau New Guinea and Sydney (UCANZ) were the first major population centres to be inundated with Tetras, less than an hour after their first appearance in Eastern Russia at solar noon. They appeared along a line of longitude roughly corresponding to the geographical UTC+11 timezone (local times vary). Most of the Solomon Islands were to the East of the spawning line. A lot of high quality video was dumped online immediately, so Australians knew what the creatures looked like and that they appeared to not be aggressive. They did not expect to be a landing site, however, so when Tetras started Spawning 20 minutes later there was a fair bit of panic and chaos.

People quickly realized that Tetras were appearing along a line where the sun was at high noon, locally (only three weeks before the vernal equinox, this was very nearly a North/South line). Japan (UTC+9) had a little over an hour to prepare their population. China started seeing Tetras soon after that. Indians woke up to reports of an incoming invasion by aliens. Many people in Europe and Africa were roused from their beds in the middle of the night to prepare. For North Americans and South Americans the reports started in the evening - 8PM/2000h in New York and Toronto (UTC-5) and 6PM/1800h in California (UTC-7).

New Zealand (UCANZ, UTC+12) was one of the few places that got to have a night of rest before their visitors arrived.

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