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Terry Duclos

Aliases: #REDIRECT [[Terry Duclos]]


[[Terry Duclos]] :: [[Terror]] :: [[Pops]] :: [[Terry]]

High Concept: Rogue Mercenary Combat Hacker
Trouble: It used to be about duty. Now it's about money.
  • I practically invented modern cyber warfare.
  • I'm a crack shot.
  • I can hide like a shadow.
  • Expert hand to hand combat skills based on speed and agility.
Fate Points
Refresh: 5 Current Total 5
Careful Clever Flashy Forceful Quick Sneaky
+1 +5 +2 0 +4 +3
  • Investigator: Once per session I can find where something hidden.
  • Assassin: Once per session I can create an opportunity to assassinate someone.
  • Ghosted: Once per session I can disappear from those who pursue me - but I'm likely still hanging around somewhere, undetected.
  • Hacker's Toolkit: +2 to Cleverly and invisibly infiltrate a computer system with god-mode access and rights - whatever that means for that system.
Damage Resistance
Stress: Mental Stress: Physical
1 2 3 4 5 . 1 2 3 4 5
X . X X
Important Items


5'9 , ridiculosuly fit, black/brown hair, bright green eyes. Always a little agitated in company with others. Only seems to fully relax with his boys.


Born in Montreal in 1978 to wealthy parents. Early propensity for computers. Parents sent him to Berkeley.

Met wife Rachel in 1996 at Berkeley. Son Andrew Kendall born in 1998, day before graduating. Daughter Helena born in 2022, somewhat unexpectedly.

Graduated top of class. Official transcript indicted graduated 48th in class. Recruited by combination CSIS/SIS age 16 as entering Berkeley.

Extracurricular - Krav Maga. P5 by age 16. G5 by age 19. E1 age 20, E5 age 21. (G and E training funded/aided by CSIS/SIS.)

Capable, smart, special forces computer/cyberware primary asset, cross trained as close quarters combat expert (yes, liking sneaky is genetic). Camouflage and close-quarters/hand-to-hand infiltration/extraction expert.

Outside of work - considered a good father. Engaged and engaging, instilled a solid sense of self in all four of his boys. He was also absurdly good at so many things that all of them struggled to feel as manly as pop. Andrew nick named him 'Terror' as a child. It stuck, not because he was mean or nasty, but because he could yell with a whisper and sneak up on anybody.

He also instilled a solid sense of duty to queen and country. All the boys were in Air or Sea Cadets. All were educated in the USA, but on return to Canada, all served as reservists in Canadian Army or Navy units.

He is aware of involvement of Droo's 'volunteer' project with Boeing. He left government service soon after, and has been a private contractor ever since. He still has good relationships with INCIS and other agencies - but he only does piecework now.

Personal Events

Date Description
Date Description
2034-03-15 1757EDT Motherly Advice Droo's phone rang. It was his mother. He was so used to just 'hearing' radio traffic that it took him a moment to realize he had to answer on purpose. "Right," he muttered. "Hey mom," he said brightly. "I'm'a go hack a combination AI that's half Skynet and half Shai'Tan, the Dark One. Any quick
2034-03-15 1400EDT A Variety Of Events CAFIA wants a say at the board level in the future of CAF. Nonvoting Executive Member.
  • You worked out a precedent for AI sophants not being things (property or slaves).

Wake Up, Pops.

  • Spinal tap.
  • Dropped in a radioactive waste cooling pool. (Explains the sharp gradient of the radiation damage
2034-03-15 0600EDT Droo, Mother, and Pops Landing, several very good rolls from Willow.

Pops stops melting. Mother stays sedated, though her arm is repaired rapidly with micro-surgical bots, nanowire meshes, and ultrasonic calipers (commonly called the sonic screwdriver).

There is more to copy here as raw material.

Willow also ensured t

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Classified items noted in Terry's SIS and CSIS dossiers. Not general knowledge at Boeing.

2030: Google databases compromised. Data spills out through millions of IoT endpoints.

2027: Major breach of Chinese 'Great Wall' firewall. 300PB of 'subversive' data transferred 'into the wild' in China. 4PB of Chinese Govt's data transferred to Canadian/UK servers

2023: Reactor failure in North Korea. Stuxnet-type worm suspected, tracing never completed

2022: State of California - governor impeached, massive data breach, suborned by China, exposed. Arranges black project with Boeing kicking off 8 volunteers with programmed 'HUB' neural networking code

2020: Massive data hack at Microsoft - source never located

2017: Kedi-RAT cyber attack released, Petya cyber attack released. Russians framed in both. Emmanuel Niyonkuru assassinated. (Burundi!! ??)

2016: Releases 'Mirai' malware, using IoT to perform DDoS attacks. Christina Grimmie shot and killed.

2013: Hacked NasDAQ Aug 21. Released Linux.Darlioz targeted IoT, routers, cameras

2013: July 2 - Sabotaged Boeing 777. Crashes on July 6 at San Fran Airport

2012: Benghazi attack, Libya. Ostensibly posted as security, poisoned US ambassador.

2012: 'Flame' Malware released into Middle East

2011: July, Mumbai blasts. Bombs planted, 'terrorist' framed.

2011: Duqu released (malware). Regin Trojan horse released (discovered in 2014)

2010: Russian satellite launch sabotaged. Polish president plane sabotaged.

2010: Stuxnet released, Jesús Manuel Lara Rodríguez, Mayor of Guadalupe assassinated

2009: Stuxnet development complete. Oscar Kingara and John Oulo assassinations. (Kenya)

2008: Conficker released to evaluate potential for large-scale worms. variants b, c, d, e developed independently

2007 - Chauncey Bailey - Oakland Tribune - assassinated

2004 - Multiple worms released into wild as 'trials' for effectiveness of cyber attacks

2002 - Celsa Daniel - Assassinated

2000 - Steven Saunders (British attaché in Greece) assassinated.