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This is the "Chapters" template. Chapters usually begin life as travel-log style retellings of events during game sessions, so they start with limited 'narrative purpose' from a novelization perspective.

To create or edit a chapter enter the four digit Narrative Order number below.


It should be called in the following format:

|CHAPTER_NarrativeOrder= 0000 - four digit number puts the chapter in narrative order.
|CHAPTER_ChronologicalOrder= When the events in the chapter take place. If this is tied to an actual in-game event, the pages are linked here.
|CHAPTER_NarrativePurpose= Why does this chapter exist? How does it drive the ultimate arc of the story?
|CHAPTER_Precis= A short phrase about what happens
|CHAPTER_Characters= Who we find here
|CHAPTER_POV= Who is describing this event? In some cases, especially in later chapters, there may be several people narrating. Some key events will be told from many points of view, sometimes in different chapters.
|CHAPTER_Locations= Where it happens
|CHAPTER_Sessions= Game sessions that inspired this chapter.
|CHAPTER_Contents= Exactly that. 

Edit the page to see the template text. This template defines the table "CHAPTER". View table.

Data stored in Special:CargoTables/CHAPTER with the Form:Chapters and Template:Chapters. Pages are part of Chapters Category.