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Stunts are tricks, maneuvers, or techniques your character has that focus your abilities and let you twist fate in focused ways. Generally this means you get a bonus in certain situations, but sometimes it gives you some other ability or characteristic. A stunt can also reflect specialized, high-quality, or exotic equipment that your character has access to that gives them a frequent edge over other characters. Create one stunt to start and add two more stunts during the first few game sessions - the first Scenario. Later, when your character advances, you can choose more. Your first three Stunts are "free"; after that you have to trade in a refresh point to get a new stunt.

Defining a Stunt

There’s no definitive list of stunts to pick from. Like aspects everyone composes their own. There are two basic templates to guide you in composing your stunts, though you are free to propose your own. The first type of stunt gives you a +2 bonus when you use a certain approach in a certain situation. The second type of stunt lets you make something true, do something cool, or otherwise ignore the usual rules in some way.

Bonus Stunt
Stunt Name: +2 to [pick one: Carefully, Cleverly, Flashily, Forcefully, Quickly, Sneakily]
[pick one: attack, defend, create advantages, overcome]
[describe some way that you are exceptional, have a cool bit of gear, or are otherwise awesome]
whenever [describe a circumstance].

If the circumstance is especially restrictive you can apply stunt to two actions such as 'attack and defend'.


  • Smooth Talker: +2 to Sneakily create advantages over a person when I’m in conversation with them.
  • Lover of Puzzles: +2 to Cleverly overcome obstacles when I am presented with a puzzle, riddle, or similar conundrum.
  • World-Class Duelist: +2 to Flashily attack when engaged in a one-on-one swordfight.
  • Big Kite Shield: +2 to Forcefully defend when I use my shield in close combat.
Exception Stunt
Stunt Name: Once per game session I can [describe something cool you can do].


  • Well Connected: Once per game session I can find a helpful ally in just the right place.
  • Quick on the Draw: Once per game session I can choose to go first in a physical conflict.
  • Run Circles Around a Leopard: Once per game session I can show up anywhere I want to, no matter where I started, provided I could run there.