Stun Storm

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Stun Storm rounds are large caliber, low velocity ammunition that deliver a TASER-level electrical jolt. Each round is a gel-supercapacitor and electrodes fired from a conventional firearm. The bullet may deliver a wallop, but the gel will splash without penetrating flesh.

  • Damage: +2MS electrical, -2 initiative. Additional damage from a good roll is divided between MS (round up) and Init (round down). When fired from a machine gun some rounds fail or miss. On average, the number of rounds that hit is equal to the PS damage of the gun, not the bullets per burst.
  • Range: 500m
  • Payload: 1 charge per round.
  • Limitations: Electrodes must be able to contact skin. Rounds are very expensive compared to normal bullets.

Damage Examples: If Dale rolled +1 to shoot May Ho a Chinese scientist...

  • with a burst from a light machine gun (+2PS)
  • while using Weapon Familiarity (+2 stunt, +4 forceful)
  • and wearing Royal Guard Armour (+4 forceful),

the hit is a +12 shift attack.

The May rolls 0, for a total of +3 with her Clever+3 bonus. Seeing the gun levelled at her, she flung her lab coat out to dissapating some of the charge. Dale gets 2 boosts to use against her.[1] The +9 damage is divided up as +5MS and -4Init, for a total of +7MS and -6 Init.

Assuming she has PC level resilience (1|2|3|PS, 1|2|3|MS, and 2|4|6|Consequence slots) she could soak the MS by taking 3|PS and 4|Consequence "Stunned" OR she could soak the -6Init with a 6|Consequence "Severe, persistent disorientation". What she can not do is take two consequences from the same attack. She opts to take the MS and Stunned, along with a -6 to her Init. Until that penalty is removed, she is out of combat.


  1. He can't use them this turn because the attack hasn't resolved yet.