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2024-PEX had several compartmentalized units working independently on modular components of Electrolux Enhanced Humans. Parallel operations in Luna Colony, Wales, and Chennai are isolated and have no interactions. In each facility discrete teams worked on modular upgrades based on the Lego Soldier upgrade (Project 2009-PLS: Modular Soldier Upgrade) and AppStore upgrade (Project 2010-PRUK: Proteome Virtualization Upgrade).


See Genetic Editing Baseline Packages (GEBP).


Each project is described with a short summary of a subproject of PEX (called "slash projects" because each is denoted by a "/" between the project and subproject name. Each module adds at least one aspect to the character - often two. In general these are the benefit desired and a side effect. Once a package is installed the character can use the package description as an aspect. A character with all there aspects would be an inhuman monstrosity.

Installation of these package is illegal in most jurisdictions, and always risky.

  • /roll 4f -2DC vs Clever (medical team)
  • /roll 4f -2DC vs Forceful (character)

Failure is normally transferred into success at cost, often with a consequence of several days to serious illness.


Modify bladder to three containment vessels, for regular urine, binary A, and binary B. When bA and bB are combined they produce an intensely exothermic reaction that results in a powerful superacid. The character excretes bA, urine, then bB, ideally into separate vessels. The reaction takes about 15s to get started, then heats up to 250°C, producing the acid.

  • /4f+2 corrosive damage (requires 30s to prepare)
  • /4f+6 internal corrosive damage on a critical hit to the body.


Restructure nerves and brain to pick up radio transmissions from microwave to AM. Over time the character can learn to interpret the different 'sounds' and even understand unencrypted radio.

  • Radio Sensitive: Radio sources are experienced as weird sound - which can overwhelm but also provide insight.


Restructure brain to add new Qalc region running Shor's Algorithm on radio I/O (est. qbit count: 1024). Upgrade skull to accommodate new tissue.

  • The Voices: Automatically and involuntarily decrypt standard encryption on the fly - continuously.


Install stretch-skin and reinforced tendons creating a gliding surface between wrists and ankles, and between ankles.

  • Hang Time: Direct a glided falls (4:1) and swim like a manta-ray.
  • Flaps Self Deployed: During intense physical exertion the flaps may extend, causing discomfort or distraction.


Upgrade to 5-cone 20:5 with telescopic/macro/magneto/polarized filters.

  • The Colours: So many invisible features leap to attention, obscuring so much that 'normies' focus on.


Upgrade range for 10Hz-60KHz. Upgrade brain for high-quality sonar interpolation. Upgrade skull to add subcutaneous forehead ultrasound click generator.

  • The Sounds: So many inaudible features leap to attention, obscuring so much that 'normies' focus on.


Cells self destruct in the absence of Agent 7.

  • xxxxxx:


Primary unified consciousness runs on Hub neuralware. Upgrade skull to accommodate new neural tissue.

  • xxxxxx:

/Hornet=== Modify elbow processes with serrated bone spur extending beyond skin to a point. On impact, injects venom previously loaded by syringe.

  • xxxxxx:


Sensory integration across Octet via upgraded corpus callosum. Upgrade skull to accommodate new neural tissue.

  • xxxxxx:


Modify bones and tendons of arms to create a very high energy elastic tension in the coiled arm and heavily reinforced bones and tendons. When tension is released, the punch in the 8000Kg range. This counts as a +3 sneak attack the first time it is used, and a +2 quick attack thereafter.

  • xxxxxx:


Transcribe Octet sensorium to crypto-DNA sequences in intestinal microbiome.

  • Security Tapes: Everything I sense is in my gut biota - at least since the last time I took antibiotics - and it can be read without my consent.


Upgrade skin to edit dermal cell DNA before transmutation to epidermis. Copy target genome in 1h based on tasted sample. Requires a full skin shedding (like a snake).

  • Skinsuit: I don't look like you, but my genetic trail is clearly who I tasted - even if it was asparagus.


Modify sweat glands to emit pheromones affecting judgement and other behaviours.

  • xxxxxx:


Install CO2 scrubber and O2 generator organs in carotid artery.

  • xxxxxx:


Install spinnerets in the wrists capable of generating high-strength narrow gauge rope. Production rate is 1cm/second.

  • xxxxxx:


Restructure skin with cuttlefish-quality camouflage. Upgrade retractable genitals.

  • Chameleon: +2 to Sneakily go undetected when naked (nudity automatically triggers retraction).


Upgrade physical strength, nerve conduction speed, and metabolic resilience.

  • Day 1: New Aspect - StrDexCon
'''StrDexCon''': I am stronger, faster, and tougher than someone my size has any right to be.;
  • Day 2: +1 Quick
  • Day 3: New Aspect - Ravenous hunger
'''Ravenous Hunger''': My new body requires around 12000 calories a day.;
  • Day 4: -1 Careful
  • Day 5: +1 Forceful


Modify vocal apparatus to generate 180dB sound pressure 2m from mouth.

  • xxxxxx:


Restructure nerves and brain to generate radio transmissions from microwave to AM.

  • xxxxxx:


Drastically reduce the need for sleep to maintain optimal cognitive function.

  • xxxxxx: