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Apocalypse Now Bad times ahead.
Family Following the initial meeting of the [[Council of Sophants]], new technologies and shifting social landscapes have the world reeling. It is time for new alliances, for new families. The Arrival
Lunar Invasion [[Luna Alpha]] has been invaded. The [[Tetras]] have landed a 40m spherical shuttle at [[LAS]]. Fifteen thousand new colonists are struggling to integrate into the colony much faster than originally planned - including a small group of [[Chinese]] scientists originally destined for the [[Warren]]. With them come a wider'"`UNIQ--ref-00000002-QINU`"' array of corporate interests and transhumanist interests bent on espionage at best and carnage at worst. Much of the administrative level of the Duchy (administration, [[Grenadier Guard]], and [[RPO]]) has been replaced following the mass assassination of leadership. [[Boeing]] was hit with similar deaths and sudden turnover. Even with [[Mycroft]] working hard to keep everything working smoothly there is only so much that can be done with so many disparate interests in play.
Lunar War When did the Lunar War begin? Opinions differ. The first Chinese terrorist attack that almost pierced the biodome? The defection of [[Dr. Fong]] to [[Luna Alpha]]? The second Chinese terrorist attack that killed hundreds of [[Alphans]]? Opinions differ, but everyone agrees that by the time [[Luna Alpha]] launched an attack on the [[Jade Rabbit Warren]] the war was underway.
Prelude to War The events that precipitated the Lunar War, inguding the [[Defection of Fong]], [[Mass Assassination]], and the [[Preemptive Counterstrike]].
Prelude to War The events that precipitated the Lunar War, inguding the [[Defection of Fong]], [[Mass Assassination]], and the [[Preemptive Counterstrike]].
The Corporate War Has Begun The opening shot of the War occurred at [[2034-03-01 1645UTC|11:58pm EST]] under [[Sudbury]], [[Canada]]. [[Genetek]] set off two 10Kt nuclear bombs in the [[Boeing]] [[BURF]] labs, attached to the famous [[Biodome]]. This attack was triggered by a combination of [[Boeing]]'s theft of [[MITOtech]] from [[Genetek]] and the [[Corporations]] attempting to take advantage of chaos resulting from the arrival of the [[Tetras]]. == Team Plans == === Name === '"`UNIQ--pre-00000002-QINU`"' === [[Tank]] === 1. '''Establish safe houses globally''': Places the team can crash with relative safety on no notice. 2. '''Stuff''': Things. === [[Droo]] === 1. '''Explore Upgrades''': Figure out what his various upgrades mean. 1a. "Deprogram". I need a trustworthy master shrink to ensure any 'bombs' Ellen may have left in my various personality fragments can be defused without undoing my capability programming. Storm had indicated that Genetek had people who were "probably better than Ellen". I have obvious trust issues about this, but it does need to be addressed as part of my 'larger upgrade comprehension' program. 2. '''Explore Vernon''': Capabilities and limitations, and learn to function as a team 3. '''Ellen''': Eliminate Ellen. 4. '''Tank's Orders''': Other tasks as directed by the boss - things like 'scope out' , 'infiltrate' , 'assassinate' , etc...... 5. '''Bitmining''': See if his parallel cryptography skills can be somehow translated into computing bitcoins. === [[Jake]] === 1. '''Set up Die Flederhouse''': Work with Kaleb to make the plane a temporary workspace/haven. This includes using distributed clanknet 2. '''Get upgraded''': Connection to the clanks is 'blurry' without Bertha. I need an interface of my own, most likely through Miranda. 3. '''Find a new secure home''': The plane is not a long-term home and I don't trust these people. I need a stable base. 4. '''Check in on Bertha''': Bertha is still healing. 5. '''Work on Miranda's payment''': This is somewhat lower on the list but there. 6. '''Try to better understand the Tetras''': What are they doing and why? Once I have the short range priorities sorted out, getting a better understanding of these elegantly designed creatures will definitely take my attention. 7. '''Help find Ellen and make sure she pays for her betrayal''': I want to see her get what's coming to her but securing my safety and integration with the clanks takes priority. 8. '''Determine what's next for the clanks''': while the 1.0 version is doing marvelously, I'm learning a lot and there are some features and accessories I may want to pursue. This will likely be in a more permanent base. 9. '''Spend some time considering if this genetic/squishy stuff is worth getting involved with''': the gene genie thing is actually pretty cool and maybe starting to re-design the Jade machine itself is an option. Not to mention the Flying Nun hat, I mean "cape" of Droo's is pretty interesting. === [[Icky]] === 1. '''Join DQE''': Achieve entry to DQE 2. '''Upgrade Self''': Upgrade package as discussed. 3. '''Master upgrades''': Train with other team mates to hone skills. 4. '''Exosuit''': Build custom exosuit. 5. '''Ellen''': Incinerate Ellen. 6. '''Vengence''': Find out who fired those rockets, or ordered them fired. Kill them. 7. '''Launder Money''': Move money into safer accounts. === [[Willow]] === 1. MITO eyes - might be done now, but making sure that they are working. Full upgrade package. 2a. Check in with Bertha. * 2b. Long chat with Storm. Pilfer lab rats if possible. DQE loyal if possible. * * Might be accomplished at the same time 3. Take a walk and visit with a Tetra. Take powerful companion. 4. Call Tardigrade and discuss "things". Pilfer lab team if possible. 5. Start applying Lego and App store to Jade and Kaleb 6. Get Jake to provide his payment (aww - aren't we all just one happy team doing nice things for each other?) It's important to have to make her and her lab function even better - and not make a lethal mistake on Jake or Icky's upgrades. You know, by accident. 7. Hire Gengineer, if not available from DQE loyal. Best candidate possible. I will write up character sheet. Support staff as well. Miranda wants her own team - not Genetek 'helpers'. Position a binding (and potential lethal) NDA with each of them. 8. Work on whatever Crypto is still remaining - ideally, with new and trusted team. If team is going to take a while, the Miranda will go this alone, and this will move up the list. 9. Work on GW update to Miranda that involves that cool new thing she can do with her smell/taste and giving you a nice present. == GR Adjustments and Questions == * [[Droo]]: Nothing about infiltration and scouting of [[Genetek]]? * [[Jake]]: Renumbered since 6a-c were not obviously related. * [[Icky]]: [[Genetek]] is run by the [[Post Darwinists]] or [[PD]]. [[Meridian]] is the unknown leader of the [[DQE]]. Is this what you meant? Restructured text a bit. The Arrival 2017-05-03 · 2017-05-10 · 2017-05-17 · 2017-05-24 · 2017-05-31 · 2017-06-07
The Time Before All events before [[2034-03-01]].
Ultraviolet Emergency Preparedness At 9:45PM EST, [[Kaleb]] got the call from Boeing CEO Nanette Voss: get your ass to the [[Boeing Skunkworks]] in [[Sudbury]] and lock it down before the [[Tetras]] get in - especially [[Project Electrolux]]. Based on early reports the creatures appear to [[spawn]] like video-game characters, just appearing - behind locked doors, as often as not.''Locations:'' Kaleb's Home (Fox Park, St. Louis, MO), [[Sudbury]] Airport and [[BURF]] in an "abandoned" mine in [[Sudbury]], [[Ontario]], [[Canada]].''Scenario Start:'' 9:45PM/2145h [[UTC-5]] (14 hours and 15 minutes before the [[Tetras]] arrive). The Arrival 2017-03-01 · 2017-03-08 · 2017-03-15