Space Engineering Team

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Tactical Armour Platforms (TAP) such as TALOS and CHAOS require support from highly trained and experienced Space Engineering Teams from the CosOps division of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME). Each SET works as a unit to to maintain operational readiness for Tactcial Armour platforms, and to get suit operators armed and dressed.


Each SET is lead by a CosOps Artificer, with and five to seven CosOps Artisans and eight or more CosOps Craftsman under their command.[1] All candidates must be certified for CosOps to be considered for SET training.


All SET candidates undergo extraordinarily intensive training.

  • CosOps Craftsmen (Private) are the apprentice-level SET team members. They are competent in a subset of the skills of an CosOps Artisan (SET).
  • CosOps Artisans (up to WO2) are competent to maintain operational readiness on all aspects of at least one type of Tactical Armour, including suiting up, ongoing maintenance, reloading, refueling, and repairs.
  • CosOps Artificers (SSGT) lead SETs, including solving complex technical issues, overseeing training of CosOps Craftsmen and new Tactical Armour Operators (TAO).

CosOps SET Functions

Three operational duties are of particular interest: Tactical Armour Operator Training (TAOT), Tactical Armour Platform Operational Readiness (TAPOR), and Tactical Armour Operator Dressing (TAOD).

TAO Training

The strategic advantage of TAPs are the very short training cycle for new operators. Green civilians with no combat training can be up and running in TALOS3 in only four hours, and full TALOS5 in a single day.

TAP Operational Readiness

With appropriate supplies, a SET can repair 1 point of approach or ability damage per hour. All PS to armour plating can be repaired in under five minutes.

TAO Dressing

Getting a TAO suited up takes a full SET 15 minutes on average. If the specific time taken is narratively important, you can

/roll 4f SET Quick +4 DC-4

and reduce the time by one minute for each shift of success (e.g., if they roll -1, 15-(-1) = 15+1 = 16min).

Cutting corners will speed things up. For each minute trimmed from the base time this way the TAO takes a Disadvantage that can be invoked against him once for free (a boost for the enemy). This can cover any miscalibration, minor malfunction, etc.
  1. Ranks and roles are established by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME).