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Shane Sinclair

Aliases: #REDIRECT [[Shane Sinclair]]


[[Shane Sinclair]] :: [[Sins]]

High Concept: My service to the species is successful space colonies.
Trouble: People are fundamentally good.
  • Single-Cell Ecosystems Expert: I embed and compactify the biological I/O of multicellular organisms into fungi, prokaryotic bacteria, eukaryotic bacteria, archaea, and viruses. Where you need a huge biodome, I need a tiny bioreactor.
  • Post Darwinist Sympatizer: 'Homo Celestes' is a neat idea, but it makes more sense to alter and expand our microbiome and macrobiome to take us to the stars.
  • Childhood friends with Dr. V: I grew up with Taylor VanDerGreft. She watches my back, and I turn her back toward the light.
Fate Points
Refresh: 3 Current Total 3
Careful Clever Flashy Forceful Quick Sneaky
+4 +5 0 0 +3 0
Sophant Characteristics
  • Augments are people who have altered themselves significantly from baseline for their species, or the specific alterations they have made to their bodies and minds. The most common augments are mechanical/cybernetic, neural, genetic, or chemical. Augments begin with 24R for approaches and abilities, 4R of normal Refresh, and 4L for their Unstable Augment limitation (28R/4L). They can take up to 44R/20L. This kind of min/max character is likely to be very fragile.
  • Concocted In A Vat: +2 to Quickly develop a custom single-celled organism to fill a biological niche. (create an aspect)
  • Enzymes and Phages are Not Your Friend: +2 to Carefully use my library of single-celled organisms (previously concocted in a vat) to attack and digest/dissolve a threat to an ecosystem.
  • BioFireWall: +2 to Carefully Defend against any damage from biohazards or toxins when wearing my μLab.
    /roll 4f DC-x +7 Careful BioFireWall Stunt
Magic: Spells and Powers
Augmentation: Genetic and Cybernetic
  • Unstable Augment: Every time you alter your aspects, abilities, or resilience using augments, there is a chance that the change gets messed up. This is a 4 point limitation (uncommon, damaging) so the DC for the roll is 4. The player can use any approach to overcome this DC as long as they can justify it narratively. The final roll is /roll 4f DC-4 +Approach - as long as it is narratively justified. A failed roll adds the aspect Unstable to one of the character's augments - not necessarily the new or changed one.
Damage Resistance and Healing
  • DR+4 vs HazMat when in my μLab.
  • DR+1 vs projectiles when in my μLab
  • μLab: An extraordinary feat of miniaturization, this skinsuit and backpack are capable of doing the work of a full P4 Lab. It includes a μFabber, spectrometers, a wide range of growth media, and so on. The suit is proof against almost any biohazard, with a helmet that employs automatically in 16 μs. The suit IA is nearly as capable as I am. (Clever 4, Careful 4).
Stress: Mental Max 3 Stress: Physical Max 3
1 2 3 1 2 3
Consequences (Max 6)




Personal Events

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Data for Category:Characters stored in Special:CargoTables/CHARACTER with the Form:Character Sheet and Template:Character Sheet