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These seven terrorists were accused of mass murder and destruction of the Boeing Ultraviolet Research Facility in Sudbury, Ontario on 2034-03-01. INCIS described them as "The Sudbury Seven are former humans who have illegally augmented themselves as part of their ideological quest to become more than human."

INCIS and Boeing Narrative

The terror cell consists of two mad scientists, one engineer, and four super-soldiers.

  • Deke "Padre" Heppener: A US Marine before he was dishonourably discharged for illegal 'boosting'. Became a full GMO mercenary soldier along with longtime companion Abe "Jenny" Jenkins. It is believed that Padre is the leader of the Sudbury Seven. On March 11th, 2034 Padre was seen leading an attack force in Atlanta, Georgia. He lead Jenny and other mercenary forces.
  • Abram "Jenny" Jenkins: A US Marine before he was dishonourably discharged for smuggling boosts to other soldiers and masterminding a dangerous black market in weapons and other controlled substances. This accomplished hacker became a full GMO mercenary soldier along with longtime companion Deke "Padre" Heppener. On March 11th, 2034 Jenny was seen mounting an attack on Atlanta, Georgia, with Padre and other mercenary forces.
  • Grace "Nightmare" Heppener: Daughter of Padre, Nightmare was kidnaped by Padre and Jenny after they brutally murdered her mother. Brainwashed by her "fathers," Nightmare practiced combat skills from a young age. Using a false identity, she competed in the Dream Park to hone her skills. She seduced and recruited Red Cooper to the terror cell. She has a knack for strategic planning, aided by illegal augments that increase her intelligence while making her an unstable, terrifying killer. Nightmare is believed to have been in the battle in Atlanta on March 11th, 2034.
  • Red Cooper: This ruthless and brutal killer is believed to have murdered his own father as a child, though this was never proven. He is a huge and powerful man. It is not clear how much of this strength and speed is due do illegal augments. Red's signature move is to literally tear the heads off his enemies, and bathe in their blood. Red is believed to have been in the battle in Atlanta on March 11th, 2034.
  • Miranda "Maleficent" Bishop: Maleficent is not a fighter. She is a mad scientist who lived a secret double life. By day she worked within Boeing, ostensibly creating next generation genetic treatments for cancer and other diseases. By night she developed a wide array of illegal augments that have killed many users. It is believed that she has worked with Jenny for many years, supplying an alarming array of illegal genetic augmentation technology to anyone willing to pay the price. She is also capable of creating diseases and poisons that kill just one person - or one type of person - or ravaging millions. Believed to be the leader of the radical Post Darwinists.
  • Jack "Jade" Daniels: A master robotics researcher and designer, Jade was recruited from Boeing by Maleficent. In exchange for 'upgrades', Jade began producing automated robotic weaponry, primarily for urban gang warfare. Now every inch the mad scientist, Jade believes that the machines should rise, wiping out and replacing mankind. Believed to be an influential member of the radical Cyborg Collective. On March 12th, 2034, Jade was implicated in the terrorist attack on the Vatican.
  • Kaleb "MacGyver" Gomez: Little is known about the true identity of MacGyver beyond his almost magical power to 'science the shit' out of trouble. In exchange for upgrades, Mac was recruited by Maleficent to infiltrate and sabotage. He is known for his use of a custom Omnitool, as well as his disregard for collateral damage.

CAF Narrative

The S7 is a fabrication designed to slander and distort the good names of these seven people - and several others. While the seven are real people, their records have been falsified by INCIS and Boeing, likely at the behest of the Cyborg Collective - and specifically the mind-controlling fiend, Ellen Oronyatekha.