Rifle (Light)

From Discovered

Rifles are powerful and accurate long-barrel guns with signifcant range and stopping power. Automatic fire is generally difficult to control and tends to be avoided. From the Enfield SMLE of World War 1 to the iconic AK47, rifles have been the mainstay of the battlefield for centuries. Trends in caliber, speed, and method of fire have changed every few decades, but the threat remains largely the same. Often, the previous generation's battle rifle is the next generation's hunting rifle, but the move to the M16 and AK47 saw the end of surplused rifles. Weight and length tend to make rifles too large for close quarters, but allow engagements to begin at 300m and often extend as far as 800m. Larger caliber rifles generally make short work of civilian vehicles, but anti materiel rifles are required to incapacitate them reliably. Advances in optics have allows the average soldier and hunter alike to make shots nearing a kilometer.