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Resilience covers all the ways a character can handle mental and physical damage. Stress (mental and physical), consequences, damage resistance, and a healing factor are most common.

  • Stress measures how much mental and physical damage you can take before suffering significant consequences.
  • Consequences represent injuries or other lasting trauma that happen when you get hit by attacks. They go away much more slowly than Stress. Consequences usually offset Stress in 2-point increments, but it is possible to have a consequence pool.
  • Each point of Damage Resistance (DR) removes one point of damage in a narrow domain (e.g., heat, radiation, crushing, projectiles). Characters with DR take no damage under conditions that normally cause harm.
  • A Healing Factor grants the ability to regenerate rapidly and completely. Each point of HF costs 2R, and erases a point of physical stress every minute, or a point of physical consequence in 1 hour. Stress and consequence slots are healed from smallest stress slot to largest consequence slot. Mental stress and consequences that affect the psyche are not affected by this augment. If this augment is selected multiple times the rate of healing is increased. At +2 it takes 30s/PS and 30min/Consequence. At +3 it takes 20s and 20mins. +4 is 15s/15min, etc.