Privacy Is Dead

From Discovered

The interactions among machine intelligences require a lot of sensors - light, sound, pressure, temperature, velocity, acceleration, position, and so on. In practice this means that there is some sort of record of almost everything. People still take selfies and share pictures of their food - but those are just moments pulled out of the ongoing private livestream.

In theory Lifestreams can be made completely secure from access by any sophant or entity. In practice, even when a technology and protocols are provably secure, sophants remain quite hackable. Almost every event is recorded, and it's quite possible that the records can be found through sophisticated social engineering and computer hacking. Another factor to consider is the jurisdiction where an event occurred. Legally, privacy may be anything from mandatory (considered something you know in a Fifth Amendment sense) to punishable by death (the state owns all your experiences).

Designer Organisms and Designer Materials may also provide recordings, but are harder to infiltrate or intercept.