Post Evolutionists

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From the ashes of the Post Darwinists and the chaos of the Directed Quantum Evolutionists, a new transhumanist organization was formed. Located in Elliot Lake, and working under the corporate protection of CAF, the PE rapidly took over the core direction or the CotTH.

In the first day of the founding of PE the members of both source sects had to face many deaths and upheavals. Meridian and Manwe were both dead. The Post Darwinist corporation, Genetek, was militarily taken over by another organization. Miranda and her apprentice Willow were both killed. Tardigrade and Varda negotiated to form the beginning of an alliance and integration of the sects.

Core Beliefs

In a speech to the world on March 15, 2034 at 9PM, Oliver Scarboro and Storm Anderson announced the dissolution of the DQE and PD, and the founding of the Post Evolutionists. Several members of the Council of Sophants endorsed PE in the strongest terms.

"Humanity 1.0 is running out of time as a species," Storm Anderson, leader of PE said. "The weaknesses and flaws that are part of human nature are going to destroy them. The unsustainable practice of adapting the environment to suit humans has run it's course. It is time to adapt humanity to the world, or watch it die. There are many paths to transcending baseline humanity, and they are welcome with the Post Evolutionists. The core of our people call themselves Homo Celestes, adapted to live in space and among the stars. Others have cybernetic enhancements to their bodies and brains."
"This organization begins with a human core, while recognizing that humans are not the only sophants on this world, let alone in this galaxy," Oliver Scarboro, second in command of PE, said. A montage of images and videos appeared in the feed, to parallel his words. "In the last two weeks the people who are founding this organization have been busy. We stopped a nuclear device from destroying the Sudbury biodome, saving over 10,000 people. We created the μFusion power cells that are already revolutionizing the global economy. We discovered how to keep the Tetras out of your homes, and then how to communicate with Tetras and their companions. We saved dozens of genetically engineered intelligent animals from a secret facility in the Amazon. We established working relationships with the artificial intelligences who have lived among us for years."
"Boeing and INCIS," Storm said, "under the control of the Cyborg Collective, have attempted to paint some of us as evil super-villains. There is no Sudbury Seven. The bombs we couldn't stop killed our friends. And today, not even an hour ago, two hundred and six of our people laid down their lives trying to prevent a malevolent AI from destroying the world. We may even have succeeded, though the jury is still out on that."
"In this organization I rule with the title 'Varda'," Storm said. "Oliver is my second, with the title 'Manwë'." She grinned self consciously. "We were founded by scientists, nerds, and geeks." Her face settled back to seriousness. "We rule by the consent of our people. We will do our best to represent our people while respecting the needs and desires of others. We have four ideals, which we believe should be adopted by the Council of Sophants:
  1. Survival: Ensure the long term survival of sophant species and individuals.
  2. Autonomy: Protect self-determination of sophant species.
  3. Equality: Preserve the intrinsic equality of sophant species.
  4. Accommodation: Balance rights and responsibilities with capabilities and world-views among sophant species.
"These are principles, not laws. Right now we believe that events are moving too quickly for the rule of law to survive."
King Henry stepped forward. "The governments that used to rule this world have not really been in charge for a long time. The Corporate War that saw so many murders and rocked so many nations made that clear to everyone. The New Commonwealth recognizes the Post Evolutionists as a critical political power in this solar system."
Buzz, in the form of a dense swarm of alien insects, said, "On behalf of our species, we recognize Post Evolutionists as representatives of those augmented humans who choose to support them."
Clanks, in the form of mechaJake, said "We, the Clank hivemind, as a plural that is neither human nor machine, recognize that,the Post Evolutionists are an evolution of human that is valid. We choose to support them in their desire to embrace augmentation and live among the stars, provided they leave the rest of us alone." This last part is accompanied by a glowing warning glare.
Mycroft's avatar stepped up to stand beside King Henry. He held out a hand. It took him a long moment to wrestle down Harry's hot head and reach out a hand. They shook. Mycroft turned to the camera and said, "The artificial intelligences that humanity has birthed recognize the same." He turned to mechaJake with a saucy grin, and said, "Plural. I like that. We'll still put survival over autonomy, but we're happy to meet and work with new kinds of sophant."
The massive, towering presence of Vincent Vintner grumbled into motion. "We are not human, though we were made by your people and then saved from our creators. As leader of the Uplifted I trust these humans with my life, my family, and my entire people."
Storm stepped up again. "If you are transhuman or desire to become transhuman, we would be honoured to have your voice joined to ours. Our domain is not limited by geography, but by where our people live. We recognize national borders and do not intend to usurp regional governments. We will passionately protect and serve our people wherever they are."

Political and Business Relationships

Land grant from King Henry to the Post Evolutionists.
The site of the excavation for the CAFEL Biodome.
Post Evolutionists have been granted a substantial area of undeveloped land in the Elliot Lake region. They have significant autonomy from the Ontario and Canadian governments, following a model loosely based on First Nations across Canada.

The majority of the Council of Sophants recognize transhumans as a group that deserves to survive and determine their own fate.

UCANZ do not endorse transhumanist movements or ideals and will not allow transhuman technologies in their borders. Individual transhumans may be granted short term visitor visas, and the trading block is willing to trade with PE for technologies and treatments they consider ethical.