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Some sophant species are overpowered out of the gate, with up to 6 extra Refresh. These extra points come with significant long term costs. While Overpowered characters are tempting for their early power advantage, they are not able to twist fate like other characters.

Note the magnitude of the Refresh Debt in that aspect.

:'''Refresh Debt (-#L)''': The character can not use experience from [[milestones]] to improve approaches, abitilites, or resilience until the overpower points are 'paid off'. A Significant [[Milestone]] pays off 1R, with no increase to any approach. A Major [[Milestone]] pays off 2R, with no increase to any approach or increase in refresh. Minor Milestones have no impact on Refresh Debt.
:'''Doomed''': Your Refresh is 0 until until the Refresh Debt is paid. At the beginning of the first session, start with 1 bonus fate point.
:'''Fated''': Fate Points can not exceed 1 until the Refresh Debt is paid. The character can never accumulate more than 1 bonus fate point for being compelled, though you can be compelled many times.;