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  • Deep in the darkest, most remote rainfirest...
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Buried deep in the Amazon Basin in sections of the jungle long rumoured to be cursed, the Narnia Project built a hermetically sealed overpressured base where humans would not interfere with their attempts to uplift a variety of apes and birds.

Peak Operations

One hundred and twenty humans lived in the observer side of the facility. By the time the base was compromised in 2034 there were 800 uplifted animals in the proving grounds.


The project was instantiated in secret, deep in the Amazon Basin, using standard shipping containers as the framework for the majority of Narnia Base. The site was officially registered as a habitat renewal site, where end-of-life containers could be shipped. Pfizer purchased previously cleared rainforest lands, planted the containers in the middle, and let the forest reclaim the area. They used the funds to purchase undisturbed forest surrounding the site as well. That's where the actual base was constructed.

Nick Soloman was a key figure in the project, though he was rarely noticed.

Technology Developments

Later, licensing the production of dogs who could speak and understand human language became a significant profit centre.

Climate Change

The facility is environmentally isolated and founded on stilt is driven deep. It might as well be on the moon from a climate perspective.

Temperature Patterns


Precipitation Patterns


Sea Level

The Amazon Basin has risen with sea level, meaning a lot more of Brazil is under water. The base is too far inland to be directly effected by the inundation of the ocean into the region.


Date Description Characters
Date Description Characters
2034-03-13 1400EDT Uplifted animals are rescued Narnia Base has been abandoned, with 580 uplifted animals in the Wookiee’s belly. The humans were killed by nanites, which seem to have self destructed when their ‘keep alive’ signal was interrupted. The flight home took much longer than the flight down to Brazil, for a few reasons. F Willow · Taylor · Chewie
2034-03-12 2300EDT Willow discovers nanites Meanwhile, in back in the jungle.... Willow realizes that the common cause for the bizarre deaths in the humans is likely some kind of nanomachine. with a few hours work and the assistance of a strange man named Heathcliff Gentleman, the team are confident that the deaths were the result of cor Willow · Taylor · Heathcliffe Gentleman
2034-03-12 1500EDT Chewie wanders through the wardrobe With the aerospace team working with Chewie to run the maintenance drones, the flight to the Amazon was amazingly quick. With everyone strapped in, she pushed out at 5g, heading nearly vertical until the atmosphere thinned. Shifting to rocket-mode, Chewie did something unexpected: she turned nose do Chewie · Sutton · Willow · Taylor · Lyn
2034-03-12 1200EDT A busy morning and menagerie. Vince and JJ are a gorilla and a dog who can talk and appear to be quite intelligent. They chose to talk to a local Clank to request extraction from the secret base they are in, what with the humans all dead. Jake observed the situation for a while as the clank was passed around and Chewie · Clanks · Dan · Droo · Jake · Simon · Tardigrade · Vögell · Willow · Vince
2032-02-17 0800EST Vince and JJ tie their laces In the week after their laces were installed, Vince and JJ spent a lot of time with the family: Vince's three mates and their three children, and the six dogs that were their constant companions. Vince and JJ had many tasks to complete in this time, both to further their education and to provide dat Vince · JJ · Nick · Aslan · Betty · Blair · Barb
2032-01-12 2100EST Vince and JJ get laced up Vince? Vince?” The familiar, high voice was followed by rapid nervous licking on his chest. Vince woke slowly. He cracked open his eyes for a moment, then squeezed them shut. Even the dim light was enough to set off a searing pain behind his eyes. He groaned, a deep rumbling sound roll Vince · JJ · Nick · Aslan
2028-12-25 1623 EST JJ is born JJ is a gen2 uplifted dog, with a physical structure based on the papillon breed. He is the lifelong companion and sentry for Vince. JJ
2028-12-25 1442EST Vince is born Vince is a gen2 uplifted gorilla weighing in at nearly double the size of his natural ancestors. He is the lifelong companion and master to JJ. Vince
2027-07-02 1100EST Nick Soloman arranges for funding to be secured for the Narnia Project With careful subtlety, Nick followed a cleverly manipulative plan to push Pfizer into funding an uplift program. He influenced the decision makers to name it the Narnia Project, and to include dogs as uplifted companions for the other newly self aware creatures. The project was spun up quic Nick Soloman