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The New Commonwealth was founded in 2029. It is comprised of 32 member states, ultimately ruled by King Henry. The monarch's power is limited, but still significant. The most direct powers are:

  • Veto: Laws that the governments of member states wish to pass can be blocked - pending modification.
  • War: The monarch can refuse to declare war.
  • Intelligence: Oversight of intelligence strategies - not individual agencies - is the monarch's responsibility. There is no higher security clearance in the New Commonwealth. The Monarch's AR has hard-coded direct access to basically everything.
  • Trade: Formal agreement to international trade agreements is at the discretion of the monarch.
  • Ombudsman: The monarch serves the people, not the government.
  • Censure: The monarch may directly impose sanctions on member states with the agreement of only ⅓ of the members heads of state.

The original Commonwealth was the basis for the New Commonwealth. Notably, Australia and New Zealand formed the UCANZ several years before the New Commonwealth was formalized. They refused to join on the basis that they would never again be subjects to a royal master. Similarly, the memories of colonialism were too much for the Commonwealth nations of Africa to agree to any political oversight from Britain. They formed Umoja instead.

India was persuaded to join the New Commonwealth when the recently crowned King Henry agreed that the next Heir to the throne would marry an Indian. Princess Victoria has agreed to this, on the condition that she spends her high school and university years in India, so she has a chance to find someone worthwhile.

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Date Description Characters
Date Description Characters
2034-03-13 1500EDT Vic contacts Storm so AHHASA can build bridges with PD I'm curious how this will play out. Storm · Vic
2034-03-12 0700EDT NC reacts to the Summoning and CME The King makes an impassioned appeal to the NC to not attack or threaten the Tetras or any Swarms that might be encountered. "We believe that the aliens have responded to violent attack with disproportionate and overwhelming force. We also believe that they acted in good f New Commonwealth · King Henry
2034-03-11 0815EST AHHAS Agency Immediately following the INCIS announcement that the Sudbury Seven are radical transhumanists, King Henry took to the air to make a confusingly contradictory statement. In recent days he joined other world leaders in calling for a crackdown on unregulated use of technologies that augme King Henry · Princess Victoria
2034-03-09 0200EST Mycroft has trouble Mycroft values his independence. King Henry's rants push him to manipulate local news to heighten local desire for independence. This sets off a media and political response that lead to severing of diplomatic ties. Google · IOTA · King Henry · LEO · Mycroft · Ouri · Q
2034-03-08 0300EST At heart King Henry is still wild Solarpolitical tensions rise when King Henry loses his temper with Luna Colony leaders. Diplomatic relationships tend to suffer when one party calls the other party "a craven horde of rebellious imbeciles traitorously abandoning humanity in a time of desperate need!" The Queen was able t King Henry · Mycroft
2031-09-02 0900EDT Dale Young promoted to Colour Sergeant Reluctantly promoted to Colour Sergeant. Dale Young
2029-05-04 Founding of the New Commonwealth On the first anniversary of the the death of his older brother, King William, the New Commonwealth was ratified in the 32 member states. King Henry
2028-06-08 2108EDT Dale Young "You should have been on that plane with him!" a half full bottle of vodka hit the wall and exploded with that exclamation from Ryan Young. The shards of broken glass now a clear analogy representing the family. The explosion of alcohol just as damaging as the surface to air missile was to the airpl Dale Young
2028-04-04 0900EDT Dale Young promoted to Sergeant Promoted to Sergeant, shortly before his brothers death. Celebration cut short . Dale Young
2025-12-20 0900EDT Dale Young promoted to Corporal Promoted to Corporal after 5 years as Lance Corporal. Dale Young
2021-01-07 0000EDT Dale Young Promoted to Lance Corporal Promoted to Lance Corporal after 3 years of training and 5 years as a Marine. Dale Young
2013-06-15 0900EDT Dale Young enlists On his 18th birthday, Dale followed the family tradition and enlisted in the marines. Dale Young
1995-06-15 0730EDT Dale Young Born in Cold Lake Alberta Dale Young, 2nd born son of Ryan and Yolanda Young. Dale Young

Member States

Country Joined Continent Pop (2017) Notes
Bangladesh 1972-04-18 Asia 158,088,000 Declared independence from Pakistan in 1971.[1]
Brunei 1984-01-01 Asia 393,372
Canada 1931-12-11 North America 35,702,707 Granted nominal independence (Dominion status) on 1 July 1867. Canada was the first among the several original Dominions at the time of the Statute of Westminster 1931. Incorporated another original Dominion, Newfoundland, on 31 March 1949. Removed final links with the British Parliament in 1982.
Cyprus 1961-03-13 Europe 858,000 Gained independence from the United Kingdom on 16 August 1960.
Fiji 1970-10-10 Oceania 859,178 Left in 1987; rejoined in 1997; suspended on 6 June 2000; suspension lifted on 20 December 2001; again suspended on 8 December 2006 because of the 2006 Fijian coup d'état. Suspension lifted on 26 September 2014.
India 1947-08-15 Asia 1,269,090,000 Incorporated former French India (Chandannagar from 2 May 1950 and Puducherry, Karaikal, Yanam and Mahé from 1 November 1954), former Portuguese India (Goa, Daman and Diu from 19 December 1961 and Dadra and Nagar Haveli formally from 1961) and Sikkim (from 16 May 1975).
Kiribati 1979-07-12 Oceania 106,461
Malaysia 1957-08-31, Federation of Malaya Independence Act 1957, Malaysia Act 1963 Asia 30,538,100 Joined as the Federation of Malaya in 1957; reformed as Malaysia on 16 September 1963 with its federation with Singapore (which became a separate state on 9 August 1965), North Borneo, and Sarawak.
Malta 1964-09-21 Europe 425,384
Papua New Guinea 1975-09-16 Oceania 7,398,500 Gained independence from Australia.
Samoa 1970-08-28 Oceania 187,820 Gained independence from New Zealand on 1 January 1962. Joined as Western Samoa, subsequently changing its name to Samoa on 4 July 1997.
Solomon Islands 1978-07-07 Oceania 581,344
Tonga 1970-06-04 Oceania 103,252
Tuvalu 1978-10-01 Oceania 11,323 A special member from 1 October 1978 until 1 September 2000.
United Kingdom 1931-12-11 Europe 64,511,000 The Parliament of the United Kingdom enacted the Statute of Westminster 1931.
Vanuatu 1980-07-30 Oceania 264,652 Gained independence from joint rule of France and United Kingdom.
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