From Discovered

After story arcs end, characters develop. These developments are minor, significant, or major, as noted below.

Minor Milestones

After a game session or an 'episode' of the story is resolved, you reach a minor milestone. This is an opportunity to adjust your character in response to events in the story, if it makes sense to.

After a minor milestone, you can choose to do one (and only one) of the following:

  • Switch the ratings of any two approaches.
  • Rename one aspect that isn’t your high concept.
  • Exchange one ability for a different ability.
  • Choose a new ability (and adjust your refresh accordingly).

Also, if you have a moderate (4 point) consequence, check to see if it’s been around for two sessions. If so, you can clear it.

Significant Milestones

After a the conclusion of a big plot event you learn new things. Dealing with problems and challenges has made your character more capable.

In addition to the benefit of a minor milestone, you also gain both of the following:

  • If you have a severe consequence that’s been around for at least two sessions, you can clear it.
  • Raise the bonus of one approach by one (unless your sophant is still overpowered).

Major Milestones

After a major story arc you may find yourself transformed - and more powerful. In addition to the benefits of a minor and significant milestone, you may:

  • Take an additional point of refresh, which you may immediately use to purchase a stunt if you wish (unless your sophant is still overpowered).
  • Rename your character’s high concept or trouble (optional).