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A First Contact Story

A small group of people find themselves caught up in First Contact.

You are living a normal life in [town/city], working as a [profession] at [institution]. Day to day life on March 1st, 2034 is much like it was back in 2017. Individually, people still go to work every day, raise families, and so on. There have been some big geopolitical changes, for better and for worse, of course. The environment continues to lurch toward heat death and the Mediterranean is still a seething pit of ideological warfare. Personal transportation is mostly autonomous now. Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have largely replaced phones, providing real-time translations and constant internet access. Gene editing is starting to really hit its stride.

But all that was yesterday. At high noon today, starting over Siberia, Tetras just appeared. They started rummaging around the place, all while playing a recording of James T. Kirk saying “We come in peace.”

How To Create a Character

Get Started Now.

This wiki contains everything you need to know and do to Create a Character in the Discovered Universe (DU), including relevant Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)[1] rules and background information about the Discovered Universe (DU). As the game is played, this wiki will add events, characters, and other elements of the game universe.

You won't find the full FAE rules here - just the remixed ones you need to be able to build a good character.

You need an account to edit because much of the live and textual gameplay happens in Slack, and we need to make you a profile at[2].


The DU is a co-created online RPG co-created by players in live and text-based scenes. The ruleset is a minor remix of the Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) rules. Most of the rules adjustments bring in bits from the full Fate system.


The past and future history of the DU is documented through narrative Events, Characters great and small, and Aspects of the game world, such as Technologies that are available or Cultures that are in play.


There are several types of characters in the DU. Normally, we talk about characters in terms of:

Countries, corporations, and other "players" on the world stage may be run by the GR or by a Players. These are called Entities.

  • Player Entities (PEs): Corporations, countries, and other large-scale characters that make decisions and effect the narrative, directed by a Players.
  • Non Player Entities (NPEs): Corporations, countries, and other large-scale characters that make decisions and effect the narrative, directed by a Gamerunner.

A list of all players and characters will be included below when the Sysop figures out how to make it happen.


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