Machine Gun (Sub)

From Discovered

Machine Guns are capable of fully automatic or burst-fire, and rely on high rates of fire and low recoil to cause damage. Sustained ROF: 1 burst attack per turn. Famous examples begin in World War 2 with the German MP40, American Me and 1921 Thompson "Tommy Gun", and the British Sten variants. By the 1960s, many forces fielded the MP5 (often silenced) and its peers the Uzi and MAC10 were becoming icons by the 1980s. The early 1990s and 2000s saw a push toward higher velocity rounds such as the FN P90 to put more firepower in a smaller package as personal armor became stronger and lighter. More modern incarnations such as the MP7 and its offspring are compact enough to be holstered and unfold to be fired. Small size, low recoil, and armour piercing makes PDWs ideal candidates for close quarters.