From Discovered

The mitochondrial replacement organelle (MRO) replaces mitochondria with something wholly unnatural and undeniably potent. It was incorporated into Homo Celestes in 2032. The Post Darwinists do not know who invented it, and it doesn't make a lot of sense to anybody. It appears to be getting free energy from nowhere. This is of great concern to physicists. The organelle contains a complex nanomachine comprised of metalic hydrogen, impossibly heavy elements, and other strangeness.

One strain of MITOtech was stolen, installed, and the carriers subjected to massive radiation and vacuum. These people developed magical superpowers about ten days later. Following the transcendence of Shadows it became clear that the MRO draws it's impossible power out of dark matter and dark energy, much like Magic does. MRO does this at an improbably small scale, however, and with no apparent dark matter machinery to fuel it. Casters call this the Dark Power because they are melodramatic and self-important.