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Location: Luna Alpha
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  • On The Moon!: Gravity 1.62 m/s². Radius 1,737 km. Surface Area 37,914,900km2. Density 3.34 g/cm3. Surface vacuum. Abundant Aluminum, Oxygen.
  • Boeing Company Town: The colony is owned by Boeing, who monitor, tax, and control almost everything going in, coming out, or happening there. People in positions of power in the company are often above any significant repercussions for their actions. Still relationships with residents and employees is generally good, since bad bosses may get lynched. Boeing Security officers work with the Royal Guards to deal with murder, rape, and other violent crime. BoSec handles property crimes like tax avoidance, and theft.
  • Principles and Practicality Trump Laws: It's a bit of the libertarian wild west up here. There are laws, sure, but "He just needed killing" was a successful defence against a murder charge when a tourist attempted to evacuate the air in a hyperloop train car on the way from Luna Alpha to Luna Beta. A Boeing senior manager who tries to skimp on safety protocols and worker comp for on the job injuries might well face a lynch mob.
  • Mycroft: Until the AIs revealed themselves, everyone believed Mycroft was only an intelligent agent that managed the Alpha physical and information ecosystems. He is an unseen deus ex machina that can control or influence all aspects of life on Alpha.
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By 2034 Luna Alpha was the home to 20000 colonists, including families, with about 2000 tourists in residence at most times. The colony, located in Peary Crater, is designed to comfortably house 125,000. Recruiting efforts were ramping up when the aliens arrived.

The ecology of Alpha mimics the environment of the St Lawrence seaway, especially the Thousand Islands. This is related to the original biodome near Sudbury, Ontario, which is based on the Niagara region of the Great Lakes.

Despite the complex weave of political and corporate interests on the moon, there are not many laws or regulations. The Luna Alpha and Luna Beta bases are owned by Boeing and are modern company towns. The territory they are built in is part of King Henry’s personal territory[1] and is ruled by Duchess Kavya Wellesley, Duchess of Luna.[2] Duchess Luna governs with a light touch. Her Duchy starts at the North Pole of the moon, encompassing a wedge from 0° to 90° longitude, down to 80° latitude. This includes most of Peary Crater where Luna Alpha was built, as well as most of the Byrd and Gioja craters. Luna Beta is being built in the Main Crater some 200km south of Alpha. The facilities are connected by HyperLoop tunnels.

The whole base is 7000m x 9000m, or 63,000,000m2. The Biodome takes up a lot of this space, as an ellipse 3000m by 5000m, or about 47,000,000m2. The human inhabitants live in the remaining 16,000,000m2.

Climate Change

The climate inside each biodome is designed to replicate a specific habitats. This one replicates Northern Ontario in the Thousand Islands region, preindustrial age.

Almost all human activity is restricted to the constructed environment in the walls of the biodome. Twenty thousand people live and work in the biodome, but it is built to be able to sustain 125,000. Access to the wilderness is limited, but everyone can go out and enjoy nature on occasion.

Temperature Patterns

Cool temperate climate similar to the Thousand-Islands region of the St. Lawrence. This includes four seasons and real weather. Internal temperatures are modelled on the actual weather patterns from the area starting in the 1700s.

Precipitation Patterns

Generally controlled and predictable, but not always.

Sea Level

The outer rim of the cavern is a narrow and deep salt water sea that surrounds a ring island (avg 500m deep, 100m wide). The inner rim is a freshwater lake (around the central column) of similar width and depth. The lake surface is 50m higher than sea level. Rivers, waterfalls, and so on flow out from Lake to the Sea, through wetland plateaus, forests, and so on.


Date Description Characters
Date Description Characters
2034-03-05 2100LT Space Rangers blow off steam Olivia was left to her own devices for several hours after the alien arrival and bombing. Bored out of her skull and prevented from doing any real exploring, she jumped at the chance to watch Space Rangers from the US Space Force run a 'training exercise' that pits fandom heroes against each other i Bo Sanchez · Dale Young · Olivia
2034-03-05 1600LT Tetra Shuttle Sphere Lands at LAS GR Note: I was not expecting Syd to lead a hacktastic charge through the LAS cargo zones with Dr. Fong wriggling like a puppy and Dex trailing them to watch the chaos happen. That's going to be a joy to write in this space. This landing marks the beginning of the [[Lunar Inva Dale · Dr. Fong · Syd · Dex
2034-03-05 1600LT Tetra Shuttle Sphere Lands at LAS GR Note: I was not expecting Syd to lead a hacktastic charge through the LAS cargo zones with Dr. Fong wriggling like a puppy and Dex trailing them to watch the chaos happen. That's going to be a joy to write in this space. This landing marks the beginning of the [[Lunar Inva Dale · Dr. Fong · Syd · Dex
2034-03-05 0000EST Overview The CAF and Luna Alpha timelines are beginning to intermix at this stage. Most of the lunar events will be noted in their own entries.



  • Droo: Assist in design and testing of security. That contract from Tank.
  • [
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2034-03-05 0000EST Overview The CAF and Luna Alpha timelines are beginning to intermix at this stage. Most of the lunar events will be noted in their own entries.



  • Droo: Assist in design and testing of security. That contract from Tank.
  • [
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2034-03-04 0800LT After Action Debrief King Henry's avatar was remarkably clear and responsive. He sat at the head of the large table, working through a traditional English breakfast while chatting quietly with the Duchess and the Queen, who sat to either side. The room was filled with many quiet conversations. Some small groups disc Dex · Syd · Dale · Kevin · Rebecca · Dr. Fong · King Henry · Duchess · Ms. Smith
2034-03-03 1500LT Wave 1 Colonists Arrive Packed to the rafters and at the very edge of the life support capacities, the passengers from Archer's Arrow have arrived. Unfortunately, they have arrived in an actual dump of people and stuff, strewn across the lunar landscape around the spaceport. About half of the pods were able to drop int Q · Mycroft · China · NC
2034-03-02 1300LT Plan Of Attack The day is spent planning the attack on Yutu and the Jade Rabbit Warren. Mission objectives are:

1. Destroy the Warren's Spaceport so they can not launch an attack on Luna Alpha.

2. Destroy as many Clone Drone Warriors as possible.

3. Gather resources to build a NC Thul army.
Dex · Syd · Fong · Dale · Kevin · Mycroft · Duchess · Ms. Smith
2034-03-02 1200LT Conversation with the AIs The characters have a conversation with the AIs, talking about what their mission is and why it is important that the moon continue to host human life. Dex · Syd · Dr. Fong · Kevin · Dale · Mycroft · LEO · Q
2034-03-02 1135LT Turns out terrorst attacks can be quite effective As terrorist actions go, random frothing death was pretty effective at unsettling the population. When this was followed by random "There was a pop and then Geoff's head sort of bulged and a lot of stuff jetted out of his ears and eyes and I'm covered in it because he sleeps on his back and oh god o Dr. Fong · Mycroft · Yùtù
2034-03-02 1000LT Splitting Headache 68 boomfly drones deliver a small explosive charge to the base of the skull of humans. 956 birds, spiders, frogs, and other insectivores explode at the same time.

The remainder of Dr. Fong’s team are killed. It is messy.

16 Royal Guard were killed, even in their armour. The flies got inside. [[Dal
Dale · Dr. Fong · Kevin · Syd · Dex · Kevin
2034-03-02 0945LT Mosquito Micro Machine Vector Confirmed Mycroft reported that over 900 insectivores in the urban ecosystem had turned up dead. Birds, spiders, bats, frogs… it looks like 90% of the death toll from the attack hit the ecosystem, not the humans. Mycroft was very clear – in a passionate argument with Dale – that the ecosystem was Mycroft · Dale
2034-03-02 0900LT Waking Up Dead At 9AM, the mosquito drones delivered their nerve agent payload. Mycroft immediately reported over 100 casualties, including several Royal Guards and two of Fong’s team. The whole of the city was immediately locked down as if the biosphere was exposed to vacuum. This (Building codes require every h Mycroft · Kevin · Dr. Fong · Kevin · Dex · Syd
2034-03-02 0845LT Connections Are Found Dale was very reluctant to share more information with Syd, but did he have a choice? With the new data from Mycroft and INCIS, Syd reports that there were a dozen colonists who were both Chinese sympathizers and connected in some way to Brian William. Investigation and seque Dale · Syd · Kevin · Mycroft · INCIS
2034-03-02 0400LT Political Leverage Kevin dealt with Ms. Smith’s attempt to put him at a disadvantage.

With significant assistance from Dex and Syd, Kevin was able to slip past the leverage Ms. Smith was trying to hold over him. It took a lot of effort, though, and neither was happy about helping the big man.

After all that, he wen
Kevin · Ms. Smith · Dex · Syd
2034-03-02 0100LT Revelations Syd worked as an analyst for Dale at Kevin's recommendation. Syd's work was top notch, despite the isolated, read only, no-storage, heavily redacted limitations on the data he was given. He was on his way to "TOP UNTRUSTED ANALYST" status when Kevin and Ms. Smith had a showdown a few ho Syd · Dale · Kevin · Royal Guard · INCIS
2034-03-01 1900LT Release the Drones With Mycroft distracted, the activation of several thousand tiny drones went unnoticed. They each sought out a preprogrammed target. There were 1024 mosquito sized drones with a potent nerve agent, and another 1024 housefly sized drones with an explosive charge. Their targets were senior decisio Mycroft · Yùtù
2034-03-01 1800LT The Duchess Makes a Statement 2034-03-01 1300 EST °°Hello,°° Mycroft said with a lilt that dragged your attention to his avatar. °°The Duchess Luna needs a word. Wrap up what you're doing. You're going to need to pay attention to this.°° Everyone on Luna Alpha saw the small, fastidious man step out from somewhere ne Duchess Luna · Mycroft · Joel
2034-03-01 1200LT Scary-Man Homecoming Most of the day was spent figuring out how the mission went so well.

Note - Kevin was not talking to the real leader.

Dex negotiates a real job.

Syd contacts Brad / JakJak for help.

Syd · Dex · Kevin · Ms. Smith · Fong · Dale · Rebecca
2034-03-01 0137LT The Moon Reacts to the Tetras on Earth (2034-02-28 1937EST / 2034-03-01 0137UTC / 2034-03-01 0137LT) This is a stub article. Tetras have not arrived on the Moon yet.
2034-02-28 1330LT Kevin Is Impressive Dale knew he didn't like or trust Kevin before. This cemented his opinion. "Get into position," he barked. Dex, Syd, and Rebecca were clearly confused about what was happening, and were ignoring the glowing lines arcing over to a large concrete building. He turned toward them to reit Dale · Kevin · Dex · Rebecca · Syd · Mycroft · DREAM
2034-02-28 1300LT Kevin Is Impressed Kevin couldn't remember the last time he's had this much fun. TALOS was 100% fucking awesome. "Listen Corporal," he said, cutting off the large man with a sharp gesture. "This isn't my first ride. I know you have a schedule to keep. Right now? It waits." He pointed his heavily armoured arm Kevin · Rebecca · Jim Oldman · Dex · Dale · Syd
2034-02-28 1115LT Suit Up Corporal Lisa Sinclair introduced herself to Rebecca as "the 'SET' who will get you suited up." As a veteran of costumes and costume changes, Rebecca didn't bat an eye when step one was to get naked. As a madam she kept her composure when the next step was a Rebecca · Lisa Sinclair
2034-02-28 1100LT Signs Point To China Seismologists from Boeing quickly determined that there is a large tunnel leading out of the base. It terminates under the South East corner of the Al/O2 plant. It goes South. The only other structure on the moon is the Chinese base at the South Pole. Kevin racked his mind for where Dex · Syd · Dale · Kevin · Rebecca
2034-02-28 0920LT Emergency Community Support About 100 people donned EVA Work Suits or Civilian Armour and rushed to the scene. There were few serious injuries. Heat and radiation burns were most common, along with lace problems from the EMP. Dex and Syd were both a bit addled by the magnetic field used to contain the plasma. [ Dex · Syd · Dale · Kevin · Rebecca · King Henry · Duchess Luna
2034-02-28 0915LT GTFO it's gonna blow The plasma weapon that fired off emanated from below the house. It blasted a hole upwards into the roof at the edge of the biodome, excavating almost 100m of concrete and rock. The top of the biodome is over 500m down, so the chance of loss of pressure was remote. Still, emergency procedures were tr Dale · Dex · Kevin · Rebecca · Syd
2034-02-28 0900LT Storming the Castle After the questioning is done, the characters end up talking about Brian - and heading to his place. He's the main suspect.

Dex guessed there would be another tunnel.

A Redshirt dies in the tunnels and basement.

Dale contacted Brian IVR. He seemed surprised to learn they were in his home. “I’m tr
Dale · Dex · Kevin · Brian
2034-02-26 1530LT I just breathed human remains Earlier, Mycroft informed Syd that Brian and Phil were both missing for over an hour, but that he was not allowed to investigate their disappearance until they were off the network for three hours. That would be 1700LT. Syd asked Kevin to help figure out why the Vault was full of gr Dex · Syd · Undertaker · Mycroft · Bill · Dale · Rebecca · Ms. Smith · Duchess
2034-02-26 1230LT Syd Reroutes Brian's Package Transcript from 2018-12-12 and 13, retconning what Syd did with the package.

vampyr [01:23]

Well Syd would be a dog with a bone on BURF, "The package", and the highly suspicious players - like the PD, and DQE.

He was able to get a sample from the package, and wants to kno who the fuck and w
2034-02-26 1000LT Spearfishing A melodious tone drew Rebecca’s attention to her left. Shauna’s AR projection was standing two metres away, seamlessly integrated into the environment at Umbra. She was panicking while she waited for Rebecca to answer. Rebecca could understand that: Shauna appeared to be covered Rebecca Blackburn · Dexter Lee · Shauna Singh · Dale Young
2034-02-26 0600LT In Which Enthusiastic Adherence to Contracts Is Discussed A wailing siren and ringing alarms shocked Dex from his bed. He leapt up with far too much force, smashing himself into the ceiling hard enough to leave him slightly stunned even if he'd been fully awake. He fell slowly in the low G. By the time he hit the edge of his bed he was awake enough to Ms. Smith · Dexter Lee
2034-02-26 0300LT A Daily Report is Crafted Dex finished his shift at 0300LT. He walked back to his apartment, not far from Umbra, enjoying the cool night air. He composed his daily report to Boeing Luna CEO Aurora Smith as he strolled along. As usual, he was choosy about what he included and what he left out. As much as possible Dexter Lee
2034-02-25 1500LT Rebecca has a concern Rebecca carefully concealed her anxiety and anger as she pedalled lightly down the broad, open-air cobbled road beside the Henry River. She was on her way to Syd’s bar, Umbra, from her bordello in the South side entertainment district, not far from her theatre complex. Riding in one Rebecca · Syd · Dex · Aurora · Wilson · Bertrand
2034-02-22 1700UTC A delivery is arranged Background: Phil Bertrand is a Genetek SVP, on his way to Luna Alpha for a vacation. That's what the records show, anyway. He had a bit of hand luggage that was to make it's way to Brian William's control without undue scrutiny. They hired Syd to make it happen. After a bit of ne Phil Bertrand · Syd · Brian William · Dex
2028-02-02 Luna Alpha excavation begins The first excavation bots and printers start their work. Mycroft was installed first. The ecosystem was built around him. Kavya Wellesley

The Luna Alpha biodome environment is based on St. Laurence Thousand Islands region. The primary biosphere is 5km long, 3km wide, and 1km from the bottom of the water to the top of the 'sky'.
  1. In accordance with the Lunar Property Act of 2028.
  2. She was created Duchess in 2028 by King William.