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Gain 1 or more Refresh per vulnerability, disadvantage, or weakness, up to 20R total. The severity and rarity of a vulnerability affects the number of Refresh points gained. For example, Vampires have a vulnerability to UV light that does 1 stress slot of damage per second of exposure. UV is common and the vulnerability is fatal in seconds, so Vampires get +8R to work with as a species from this limitation. If a limitation requires a roll, the magnitude of the limitation sets the DC for that roll. For example, Augments are limited by instability across their abilities (uncommon, damaging) which gives them an extra 4R and causes them difficulty every time their augments change. Limitations can make for unbalanced characters that are not enjoyable to play. Use with caution.

Limitation Bonus Severity Example (Vampire)
Fatal Damaging Inconvenient
Rarity Common -8 -6 -3 Garlic
Uncommon -6 -4 -2 Wooden Stake
Rare -3 -2 -1 Silver Bullet
Example (Vampire) UV Light Holy Symbol Invitation to enter