Jade Rabbit Warren

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Location: Jade Rabbit Warren
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+8 (Chinese Standard Time)
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  • Quasi Fractal Formation: The autonomous robots that mine out the base carve tunnels at many scales by following simple instructions. The result is a deeply interconnected set of rooms and chambers. The smallest passages are 10cm across, and the largest are 10m.
  • Social Stratification: 512 Leaders are organized in nine ranks. The 1st rank has one member: the prime leader. Each following rank has twice as many people in it.
  • Shared Supervision: 2048 Supervisors are responsible for managing and directing the Drones.
  • Rogue Thinkers: 1024 Thinkers are here because they are too socially disruptive to have honorable social credit scores. The Thinkers' social credit scores are inflated into the honorable range while they are isolated in the Warren. They are given significantly more freedom to pursue their work than other people here. Scientists and artists make up the majority of this population.
  • Worker Bees: Over 250000 heavily edited human clones have been force grown in artificial wombs. Their embrionic brains grow around an active nanowire mesh neural lace. These creatures are physically compact, at 150cm height, but surprisingly strong, nimble, and seemingjy tireless. They are also quite intelligent, with a variety of savant-like skills bred into different cohorts.
  • Rabbit In My Head: The Rabbit is the name of the AI that stitches everything together in the warren. It mediates the mind-to-mind connections between drones and humans, ensures the environment is stable, and closely monitors all behaviours. If a human's behaviours deviate from expectations or become maladaptive, the Rabbit may monitor that persons thoughts. This is not done all the time as it is computationally expensive and (more importantly) tends to degrade the performance of the human under scrutiny.
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The Jade Rabbit Warren ('the Warren') is a continuously expanding self-sustaining habitat for humans. Located in Shackleton Crater at the lunar south pole, it has roughtly three million square metres of human usable floor space and thirty million cubic metres of human usable space. The autonomous robots that excavate the lunar rock follow simple algorithms to determine the local structure of the base. A map of the place is reminiscent of an ants nest, but all the rooms and corridors are contained in a specific envelope. The top of the base is a shallow cone, with the tip only 50m under the surface of the moon. About 180m further down it reaches it's widest diameter of 480m. From there it narrows as it descends, finally reaching a point an additional 500m below the surface.[1]

There is a surface installation as well: a dome containing a spaceport. The dome is a massive structure, made of processed lunar regolith. It continues to grow in size and thickness as the material excavated is pushed to the surface and added to the dome.

The outer regions of the warren are reserved for industry of various types, including food production, environmental control, and other work. The chambers nearer the central axis and deeper underground are used for humans to interact, socialize and live in.

At the bottom of the base there is a large facility that appears to be used for producing new Drones in volume.

A secret gene witch lair was created by Dr. Fong, along with a secret access channel to the surface. It was destroyed when Dr. Fong and his team of gengineers defected to the New Commonwealth.

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Date Description Characters
Date Description Characters
2034-03-03 1125LT Preparing for the Final Push “This way,” Dex said, painting a path in the gestalt. Figuring out escape routes and bolt holes was one of the first things he’d done to prepare for the mission. There was a small pumping station about 400m away. It was a little off their direct route to the main entrance of the breeding pits, b Dale · Syd · Dex · Kevin · Brad · Fong · Singh · Salsbury · Stumpy
2034-03-03 1110LT Arrogant Oopsing Independently and privately, Syd and Fong both decide it's a good idea to connect to Yutu.

Fong threatens the AI with death and destruction. He ends the rather one sided conversation happy that he has a real advantage over Yutu.

Syd attempts to stealthily manipulate the AI's systems in
Syd · Dex · Kevin · Dale · Brad · Fong
2034-03-03 1100LT Alone with the Enemy "Shit!" Dale launched himself to his left, narrowly avoiding an enormous boulder. The floor of the hanger sized room was getting pummelled by the collapsing ceiling. He skidded along the floor for several metres, bouncing a bit in the low G. His targeting system showed the Grenadier Guard diseng Dale Young
2034-03-03 0900LT Preemptive Counterstrike The Grenadier Guard and Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Group hit the Warren Spaceport.


Preemptive Counterstrike against Chinese Lunar Base called the Jade Rabbit Warren.


1. Remove launch capacity of the Jade Rabbit Warren spaceport.

Dale · Dex · Syd · Kevin · Dr. Fong · Mycroft
2034-03-02 1135LT Turns out terrorst attacks can be quite effective As terrorist actions go, random frothing death was pretty effective at unsettling the population. When this was followed by random "There was a pop and then Geoff's head sort of bulged and a lot of stuff jetted out of his ears and eyes and I'm covered in it because he sleeps on his back and oh god o Dr. Fong · Mycroft · Yùtù
2034-03-01 1900LT Release the Drones With Mycroft distracted, the activation of several thousand tiny drones went unnoticed. They each sought out a preprogrammed target. There were 1024 mosquito sized drones with a potent nerve agent, and another 1024 housefly sized drones with an explosive charge. Their targets were senior decisio Mycroft · Yùtù
2034-03-01 1200LT The Greatest Part of Waking Up Yutu begins to find self awareness as tens of thousands of clone drone warriors are brought online and added to it’s computational matrix. First order of business: remain hidden. During the handoff of oversight from Q to Mycroft, Yutu’s emerging self awareness was overlooked. Mycroft was Yutu · Yùtù
2034-03-01 0900LT A Haven Revealed To Be Something Else Dex and Syd independently discovered that the human overseeres in the Warren are much more tightly integrated into Yutu than they would be able to sustain. It would not be enough to demonstrate the right outward behaviours. They would also need to think in a manner consistent with the mental Syd · Dex · Fong · Yutu
2034-02-28 2300LT The Returning Heroes Syd and Dex refused to leave the Warren with the others. Their deep infiltration into the social network of the Warren had them very cofident that they cuold dive deep into the details of the enemy operations while maintaining an airtight cover. Over the next ten hours they came to r Dex · Syd · Dale · Kevin · Rebecca · Brian
2034-02-28 1800LT A Visit To The Jade Rabbit Warren Rebecca braced herself for the increasing gravity as the APC was pushed down the linear accelerator. The last time she's ridden one was a few years ago, and it had been unpleasant, to say the least. "This launch will be a civilian Gs, ma'am," Dale said. "You will feel it, but it won't even be u Dex · Syd · Dale · Kevin · Rebecca
  1. The outer boundray of the warren is a 3-4-5 right triangle with the vertical hypotenuse ar the axis of rotation. About 10% of the rock within that volume has been excavated.