How To Edit Wiki Pages

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Most of the pages of this wiki are created and edited using Special:Forms. The How To Edit Wiki Pages page has a list of forms.

When editing a page, your first choice is to use Actions > Edit. If this tosses up garbage, hit Cancel or rthe back button, and use Actions > Edit Source.

Character forms are not working yet (2017-03-02) but several others are. In several cases the display templates for a given form are flawed. Errors in these display templates are also noted below.

Form Name Editor Status Display Status Pages Using This Form
Form:Campaign Form Good Good Category:Campaigns
Form:Event Form Unknown Unknown Category:Events
Form:Location Form Good Good Category:Locations
Form:Player Form Unknown Unknown Category:Players
Form:Scenario Form Unknown Unknown Category:Scenarios
Form:Session Form Unknown Unknown Category:Sessions
Form:Approach Form Unknown Broken Category:Approaches
Form:Aspect Form Unknown Broken Category:Aspects
Form:Bio Form Unknown Broken Category:Biographies
Form:Character Editor Form Broken Broken Category:Characters
Form:Stunt Form Unknown Broken Category:Stunts

Developer Notes: The data structure of Charaters is borked. All sub-forms should really be integrated into a single Character Form using a single Character Template and a primary Character Table. Database rebuild to commence shortly. :)