Healing Factor

From Discovered

A Healing Factor grants the ability to regenerate rapidly and completely. Each point of HF costs 2R, and erases a point of physical stress every minute, or a point of physical consequence in 1 hour. Stress and consequence slots are healed from smallest stress slot to largest consequence slot. Mental stress and consequences that affect the psyche are not affected by this augment. If this augment is selected multiple times the rate of healing is increased. At +2 it takes 30s/PS and 30min/Consequence. At +3 it takes 20s and 20mins. +4 is 15s/15min, etc. This augment is countered by a Wounding Factor.

For example:

  • Syd takes a 3 point hit with his 3 point stress slot. Since that is the only damage he's taken, his healing factor works on it for 3 minutes, reducing the 3 point slot to a 2 point slot. It works for another 2 minutes to reduce that slot to the 1 point slot, and 1 minute more to remove is entirely. All stress is gone in 6 minutes.
  • Droo takes a 6 point hit that he can't soak with physical stress slots, so he soaks it as a consequence. It takes 6 hours to drop the consequence to a 4 point slot, which takes 4 hours to drop to the 2 point slot. Two hours later it is gone. Total time: 12 hours.
  • Sutton has a HF of +2. He has used a 1 point stress slot, a 3 point stress slot, and a 4 point consequence. His HF will clear the 1 point stress slot in 30s then work for 3min on the 3 point slot (reducing it in stages). Finally it starts to work on the consequence, which takes 3 hours to clear completely.