From Discovered

An unsorted and rambling set of notes about the world of 2034, usually based on world building during game sessions.

  • The aliens appeared everywhere on Earth over twenty four hours. In the weeks since their arrival, a new MNC called CAF discovered how to communicate with them. The Tetras were one of three types of aliens surveying the planet. All of them are distributed minds, with a single consciousness spread across several bodies.
  • The aliens have technologies that warp spacetime in frankly terrifying and incredible ways. They arrived in 'World Ships' - large asteroids that have been melted and then blown up like a balloon. These ships are hundreds of kilometers across on the outside - and millions of kilometres across on the inside. They are the home to all the alien species, lead by the very large, very slow World Trees. These trees form a single mind, with each redwood-sized plant acting as a single neuron in the network.
  • Some years back, the US suffered an unprecedented terrorist attack, killing tens of thousands by fire, and destroying the homes of almost a third of the population. The Terror@Home attack prompted an immediate withdrawal from the world stage, including the summary end to many trade deals, closed borders, and almost no military presence outside the closed border. Despite sending significant aid at the time, a difficult to attain visa is required to cross the border with Canada.
  • Fusion power exists around the world in GW scale facilities. Shortly after the events of the Corporate War, a new MNC called CAF open-sourced plans for a micro-fusion power plant. It is relatively cheap, the size of a fridge (2m3), self contained, and puts out 15MW of electrical power. In days it has revolutionized several industries - especially space travel. The cost to escape velocity is about to drop to cents per kilo.
  • Suborbital flights are expensive and a bit far from large population centres, but they are common. An uncomfortable and expensive thing requiring special airports and air traffic control, but still, a thing. Sudbury is home to one of Canada's three facilities. As a result it has grown dramatically, and includes the world's largest Augmented Reality Game Park.
  • The monarchy in Britain has exerted much more political power on the world stage. King William started the New Commonwealth, which was consolidated and solidified under King Henry after the assassinations in 2024. Harry is still a mostly ceremonial head of state in the UK, but he no longer acquiesces to the PM. The New Commonwealth is not under his direct control either, but he does have the power to veto any proposed laws. For example, Canada no longer has a Governor General: the King signs bills into law. He has refused to sign some until they have been modified to his liking.
  • Transhumanist Movements have hundreds of millions of followers, but divided into many ideologically distinct factions, often called sects. At the extremes are genetic bigots like the Post Darwinists who seek to augment those who are worthy and then kill off all baseline humans (directly or by sterilization). The Cyborg Collective want to eliminate baseline humans too - but by integrating them into a hive-intelligence modelled (very loosely) after the Borg from ST:TNG. The Directed Quantum Evolutionists (DQE) are the most obviously vigilante extreme view, having unilaterally cured or corrected several diseases in humans.
  • The environment continues to lurch toward heat death and the Mediterranean is still a seething pit of ideological warfare.
  • Personal transportation is mostly autonomous now.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have largely replaced phones, providing real-time translations and constant internet access.
  • Virtual Reality is everywhere from the military to immersive game worlds.
  • In AR and VR the interfaces use a metaphorical gestalt. This allows participants to choose a particular metaphor for their interface, but seamlessly connect to different metaphors; the wild west can mesh with Narnia, for example.
  • Geneneering has really hit its stride.
  • Neural Laces are a rare and expensive enhancement. Most people are no more than two degrees of separation from someone with a lace, however.