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A list of general notes about the world of 2034, usually based on worldbuilding during game sessions.

  • Whatever the US is now, a visa is required to cross the border with Canada.
  • Fusion power exists. It is not clear how widespread the use of fusion is, however.
  • Suborbital flights are a thing. An uncomfortable and expensive thing requiring special airports and air traffic control, but still, a thing.
  • The monarchy in Britain has exerted much more political power on the world stage. King William started the New Commonwealth, which was consolidated and solidified under King Harry after the assassinations in 2024. King Harry is still a mostly ceremonial head of state in the UK, where he must agree with the PM - but for the rest of the New Commonwealth he exerts more direct control. Canada no longer has a Governor General, for example: the King signs bills into law. He has refused to sign some until they have been modified to his liking.
  • Transhumanist Movements have hundreds of millions of followers, but divided into many ideologically district factions. At the extremes are genetic bigots like the Post Darwinists ho seek to augment those who are worthy and then kill off all baseline humans (directly or by sterilization). The Cyborg Collective want to eliminate baseline humans too - but by integrating them into a hive-intelligence modelled after the Borg from ST:TNG. The Directed Quantum Evolutionists (DQE) are the most obviously vigilante extreme view, having unilaterally cured ro corrected diseases in humans.