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Grace Heppener

Aliases: #REDIRECT [[Genie]]


[[Genie]] :: [[Grace]] :: [[Grace Heppener]] :: [[Nightmare]] :: [[Genie Price]]

High Concept: Savagely Defending Her New Transhuman Family
Trouble: Reckless Curiosity Takes Me To Difficult Places
  • Celestial Mother: Anxiously anticipating being a mother of a new kind of human.
  • Horses: Life without them is unimaginable.
  • I Call Bullshit: Hypersensitive to deception.
  • Quest: Never Give Up. Never Surrender!
  • MITO Strong: I can lift 2000 to 5000 Kg, jump 5m straight up, and walk through normal barriers like they're not even there.
  • MITO Tough: It takes armour piercing rounds to get through my skin and even then they don't go far. I can use my strength without hurting myself. Radiation, vacuum, huge accelerations - I'm fine with them all.
  • MITO Fast: My reaction times are significantly faster than normal humans, meaning I can run 60Km/h, dodge almost anything a normie throws at me, and think faster than you expect.
  • Preaural Sense: The sound around me is a cacophony of everything I could hear in the next few seconds (see Powers).
Fate Points
Refresh: 4 Current Total 4
Careful Clever Flashy Forceful Quick Sneaky
-2 +4 +3 +5 +4 +1
Sophant Characteristics
  • Bullshit Detection: Because I am incredibly sensitive to deception, I get +2 when I Quickly sense secrets and lies.
  • Truthhound: Because I hate lies and secrets, I get +2 when I Forcefully root out the truth.
  • Persistence: Because I never give up, once per session I can overcome an otherwise impossible situation.
  • Future Audible Sensorium: Once per session I can Forcefully send myself an audible experience, giving me the chance to overcome and alter the last 2DC seconds (see Powers).
  • Healing Factor: Once per turn physical stress and damage is reduced by 2 points, so a 4 point slot is removed in 2 turns. The smallest slots heal first (1 Stress, 2S, 2 Consequence, 3S, 4S, 4C, etc.).
Magic: Spells and Powers
Augmentation: Genetic and Cybernetic
Damage Resistance and Healing
  • +2 vs most physical assault (not crushing)
  • +1 vs laser damage
  • +2 vs radiation damage
  • +2 Healing Factor
Stress: Mental Max 3 Stress: Physical Max 3
1 2 3 1 2 3
Consequences (Max 6)


19yrs old.

Before 2034-03-01: Short platinum blonde hair, shaved on one side. Retro 1980s punk look; leather jacket; a bit too much make-up.


Feisty and filterless. Graffiti artist. Gamer. Tech savvy. Hates excuses. Lives clean, but often associates with people who aren't. Loved her childhood and her dad (Deke), who taught her the love of nature, and horses in particular. After her mother's death (Margaret), Deke slipped into the bottle and Grace had to do everything herself. She's disappointed in her father and is looking for a family that won't fail her.


Changes to the body and mind occur over two weeks.

  • Day 1: +1 Forceful, +1 Quick, Damage Resistance +1 vs non-chemical stress, 4 point stress slot
  • Day 2: -1 Careful
  • Day 3: -1 Careful (-2 total), lose 3 pt mental stress slot
  • Day 4: +1 Forceful, Damage Resistance +1 (+2 total) vs non-chemical stress, 5 point Stress slot
  • Day 5: +1 Quick (+2 total)
  • Day 6: +1 Clever
  • Day 7: +1 Forceful (+3 total), 8 point Consequence slot
  • Day 10: Healing Factor +1
  • Day 14: Healing Factor +1 (+2 total)


I hear things before they happen. In terms of game play, this Aspect can be used proactively to create favourable conditions, and the Stunt can be used retroactively, to erase unfavourable conditions.

Preaural Echoes

This aspect is quite flexible. With sufficient motivation, Genie can hear the near future, essentially receiving a broadcast of her own auditory sensorium from all possible futures. Proactive use of this power can allow her to hear silenced conversations (the zone of silence could fail, right?), avoid noisy danger (don't step where the landmine is going to be), answer questions before they are asked, and much more. In practice this means spending a Fate Point to Forcefully (+5) create an advantage like Pre-sense noisy badness, and activating it to twist Fate into a more palatable path.

As her brain gets better at handling this bizarre new input, the overwhelming noise will gradually fade. Eventually emotionally charged sounds will be interpreted as if they are emanating from a specific location in space.

Future Auditory Sensorium

Retroactively rewriting recent game play is narratively messy, but it will happen with this power. To activate it,

/roll 4f DC0 +5Forceful +0Boost +0Advantage

The result of the roll determines how far back Genie can send her own auditory sensations. Most of the time her range is 8 to 60 seconds.

  • <0 = Not enough time to preact.
  • 0 = 1 second
  • 1 = 2 s
  • 2 = 4 s
  • 3 = 8 s
  • 4 = 15 s / ¼ minute
  • 5 = 30 s / ½ min
  • 6 = 60 s / 1 min
  • 7 = 2 min
  • 8 = 4 min
  • 9 = 8 min
  • 10 = 15 min
  • 11 = 30 min
  • 12 = 1 hour

The use of this power requires an emotionally charged event to trigger it. It is not something she consciously controls.


Grace is the romantic, business, and gaming partner of Red Cooper. They're together IRL, IAR, and IVR.


  • Careful -1, Forceful +1 for June 6 session
  • Major Milestone 2017-08-03 +1 Aspect, +1 Refresh
  • +1 Flashy - mid scene milestone
  • +1 Refresh, +1 Clever - End of Ultraviolet Emergency Preparedness


Personal Events

Date Description
Date Description
2034-03-15 1817EDT (2317UTC+1) Gathering Forces Escaping from the rain of rock, the scientists hang back in an attempt to not be killed. For a brief moment they thought they were safe. They were wrong.
2034-03-15 1812EDT Run For It Local Time: 2312h UTC+1

Summaries from different character perspectives.


We opened the session with 10,000 Splodyrats (tm) and 1,000 Terminators headed towards our cadre of heroes near the drop point. Q hacked into the rats and handed the keys over to the clanks. It explained that
2034-03-15 1811EDT Find Alternate Passage Droo heard Google's warning and took off, flying through the scorching wind and glowing tunnel in the blink of an eye. Vernon complained about the heat, but was through the hellish glow fast enough to avoid damage. A hundred metres more down the seaway tunnel there was a corrodor to the south. Accor
2034-03-15 1811EDT Everybody Has Incoming Outside, a host of 'sploderats - spaced out far enough to make picking them off a one-by-one the only option - became visible as they crossed the roadway between the drop site and the mountain. They were heading toward Taylor and team. HC soldiers advanced to positions of cover, but there are not en
2034-03-15 1808EDT Scouting Droo scouted ahead. He found a hall filled with looming death in the form of assault robots. Examining their positions, Droo realized he could fly above the the octocopers and below the roof with a comfortable margin of safety. When he reached the end of the corrodor he started back, dropping grenad
2034-03-15 1805EDT Mountain Assault The HC² and 288 HC assault on the mountain was costly, even for super-soldiers with a slowest running speed of 40km/h. 13 died on the way up, caught by heavy machine gun fire, mortar shells, and various robotic attackers. This left 275 to assault the base. The four HC2 showed their extraordinary ca
2034-03-15 1745EDT Chewie is fired on The attack was a surprise to everyone on board. Chewie dodged most of the damage, but had to work hard, including using the BUMPS to stabilize the passengers. The entire CAF Board were in the Council of Sophants meeting, but six of them were physically in Chewie. Willow, Sutton, AJ,
2034-03-15 1700EDT Council of Sophants Urgent Session The discussion was intense and heated, but it was also mostly positive. There was surprisingly little animosity among nations, but within them Mayors were often at odds with provincial and federal governments, and more aligned with the Corporations that ran the cities. IOTA raised a new kind of con
2034-03-15 1400EDT A Variety Of Events CAFIA wants a say at the board level in the future of CAF. Nonvoting Executive Member.
  • You worked out a precedent for AI sophants not being things (property or slaves).

Wake Up, Pops.

  • Spinal tap.
  • Dropped in a radioactive waste cooling pool. (Explains the sharp gradient of the radiation damage
2034-03-15 1300EDT Genie and Dan are pregnant-ish Simon approached Genie and Dan in the exam room. The ultrasounds had taken some detailed analysis to figure out. "I have mixed news," he said, sitting behind his desk. "The embryos are all healthy and developing at about three times the normal rate. So far there are 16 of them. It looks
2034-03-15 0900EDT Meet the AIs While Biggs and Droo were on their way to NYC to figure out what happened to Mother, CAFIA made it clear that she and Biggs were both sophants, newly hatched from the SCIFI team's tendency to not ask 'what's the worst that could happen?' She called a nine o'clock meeting for
2034-03-13 2100EDT Induction into HMSS Storm and Archie induct the others into HMSS by the simple process of telling them about it and about Storm's history of service to CSIS and INCIS. They have a mission now: kill Ellen and destroy the Cyborg Collective in every manner. They are given access to much of the
2034-03-13 1615EDT Council of Solar Powers - First Session Six minutes after Storm and Prince Archie locked themselves away, the door to the conference room opened. “We have a lot to talk about,” Storm said. She posted an agenda in the CAF Board virtual space, along with an address in UCANZ controlled network space. "Uh, Storm?" AJ
2034-03-13 1615EDT Council of Solar Powers - First Session Six minutes after Storm and Prince Archie locked themselves away, the door to the conference room opened. “We have a lot to talk about,” Storm said. She posted an agenda in the CAF Board virtual space, along with an address in UCANZ controlled network space. "Uh, Storm?" AJ
2034-03-13 1542EDT SCIFI Investigate the MRO based on Petrov's work Roll 0 +4 many hands = 4

With DC-10 and Clever +6, they use Collective Hybrid Vigour (and a fate point) to have a successful Overcome roll of +2.

Unfortunately, Office Politics (-2) and Split Brain (-2) rear their heads. The desire for mad science (-2) also sends several researchers down strange i
2034-03-11 1910EST Escape From Atlanta On approach to Atlanta, Sutton, AJ, and Genie teamed up with two homo celestes soldiers each, using VBFS to fly in to each of the three safe houses to collect the extended family of our recently acquired scientist Taylor. Dan joined up with Genie's team when they
2034-03-11 1810EDT Chewie Goes Wheels Up The MITOs are joined by a crew of soldiers and specialists to head to Atlanta and recover Taylor's family. Sutton, Genie, and AJ each take charge of:
2034-03-11 0813EST Droo Drops A Counter Narrative In an effort to counter narrative invented by Boeing and INCIS about the Sudbury Seven, the team anonymously expose records that show the real events of the day. Well, real in the sense that the characters were not at all the S7, and that they all died saving the place. The leak bea
2034-03-11 0800EST Arrest warrant for Grace Heppener
2034-03-11 0000EST Overview Today:
  • 2034-03-10 0600EDT Jake continues training (free 1h 0900, 1300, 1700)
  • 2034-03-10 060
2034-03-10 0600EST Grace Regains Sight The radiation induced blindness disappeared overnight. This restored vision is astonishingly clear, but there are some strange colour distortions that will take getting used to. The timehearing appears to be unaffected by the restoration of normal sight - at this point.
2034-03-10 0000EST Overview Our MITOs gain +1 Healing factor today. This restores the sight of Dan and Genie. Unfortunately this means splitting eye aches for AJ and Sutton as their modified eyes are rejected by their bodies, and regenerated from the inside out.


  • 2034-03-10 0600EDT Jake continues t
2034-03-09 0000EST Overview Luna Colony Alpha has had some time to deal with the fallout from King Henry's outburst.
2034-03-08 0000EST Overview Today,
2034-03-07 1630EST Elon Meets The Board The board meeting went well. Elon made a pitch to support CAF as good neighbours, The proposal includes a non-voting board seat for Elon Si he can provide guidance and strategic support to CAF. a relatively low cost lease on Boring machines and a clone of his Architectural AI are included as we
2034-03-07 0000EST Overview Val secures a network of trade agreements and alliances that make his company safe for the foreseeable future. MITOs pick up an additional point of Forceful. Willow verifies that the pheromones used in OBCo are not malicious or robbing people of free will.
  • [[2034-03-07 0600EDT Icky Ne
2034-03-06 0000EST Overview Much of what happened today.


Early in the morning Willow gets a call from NeuraLink wanting to discuss her proposal. They have been running simulations and live tests over the last 24h. They are impressed.

They are also unclear on how to generalize the process for [[Optod
2034-03-05 0000EST Overview The CAF and Luna Alpha timelines are beginning to intermix at this stage. Most of the lunar events will be noted in their own entries.



  • Droo: Assist in design and testing of security. That contract from Tank.
  • [
2034-03-05 0000EST Overview The CAF and Luna Alpha timelines are beginning to intermix at this stage. Most of the lunar events will be noted in their own entries.



  • Droo: Assist in design and testing of security. That contract from Tank.
  • [
2034-03-04 1300EST Aftermath and Construction Different characters have different tasks this afternoon.


2034-03-04 1100EST World events continue to escalate while the heroes try to get a base of operations set up.

World Events

This day saw relatively little military action between nations, who are still trying to figure out what happened to their missiles. Much of the Middle East conflict came to a sudden stop when
2034-03-03 1700UTC Meet the Board The morning started cold, bright, and calm. It didn't last.


Refreshed and healing, the team met before the board meeting to go over their approach to dealing with the PD and Genetek.They realized that Willow would have no value as a political piece in the maneuvering that wa
2034-03-01 2100EST A secret meeting in the dark (2034-03-01 2100EST) Jenkins is going to hand control of the facility back to Colonel Islay once he seems fit, and call you all to meet in a local pub - in a dark zone. Colonel Islay reports that the fresh line of fibre that was run down the pipe is somehow still not working for internet access
2034-03-01 1900EST Chasing Ellen (2034-03-01 1900EST)

The hunt for Ellen is on.

Jade, from the VR rig in Ring 2 uses the Clank-swarm to unbury Val, contain the zombified soldiers, and track Ellen into her bolt hole.

Miranda runs into the dark area speakers briefly with Storm and brings her our
2034-03-01 1300EST Bloodhounds start tracking the traitorous moles (2034-03-01 1300EST / 2034-03-01 1800UTC / 2034-03-01 1800LT) Jenkins hires Deke on short term emergency contract at an absurd rate: $40k/day for the first three days. It turns out he has a really big budget, especially in critical emergency situations. Deke reports to Jenkins,
2034-03-01 1145EST The enemy has a suitcase nuke (2034-03-01 11345EST / 2034-03-01 1645UTC / 2034-03-01 1645LT)

At this point:

  • Deke, Grace, Red, Jenkins, Kaleb, and Val are on the Ring 0 landing platform with the attackers. The platform is 50m x 50m square, 10m tall. It is carved into the side of the central pillar,
2034-03-01 1130EST Bertha is under attack (2034-03-01 1130EST / 2034-03-01 1630UTC / 2034-03-01 1630LT)

A lot happened in a short time.

  • 11:24 EST: Bertha is informed of an incursion into her body, uncovered by B and Google in the patterns of the internet.'"`UNIQ--ref-0000000F-QINU`"' The incursion is believed to
2034-03-01 0800EST Breakfast conversations and biorepairs (2034-03-01 0800EST / 2034-03-01 1300UTC / 2034-03-01 1300LT) I'm going to need help filling in these blanks. There were several conversations over breakfast, including Miranda revealing that the MITOs were targeted by Boeing, though without her knowledge. The eye surgeries, biopsies, Clank pro
2034-03-01 0206EST Becoming Celestes (2034-03-01 0206EST / 2034-03-01 0706UTC / 2034-03-01 0706LT)

Narrative: Chapter:0100


Back at 0702 UTC Deke and company display ZATS (Zombie Apocalypse Trigger Signals) so Miranda Moonscapes them. After they survive several minutes of hard vacuum and hard ra
2034-03-01 0200EST Moonscape Protocol (2034-03-01 0200EST / 2034-03-01 0700UTC / 2034-03-01 0700LT)

The narrative of these events is found in Chapter 0030. Quite a lot happened in five minutes.

Ralston, Droo had a confrontation, w
2034-03-01 0100EST Kaleb catches hell (2034-03-01 0100EST / 2034-03-01 0600UTC / 2034-03-01 0600LT) played on 2017-03-08


2034-03-01 0000EST Characters arrive at BURF (2034-03-01 0000EST / 2034-03-01 0500UTC / 2034-03-01 0500LT)


  • Deke wakes up in a quarantine room at BURF. He has a very ugly headache.
  • Droo lands in Sudbury Airport on a suborbital flight from [[Halif
2034-02-28 2300EST Eastern Asian Meet the Tetras (2034-02-28 2300EST / 2034-03-01 0400UTC / 2034-03-01 0400LT)


  • There is a pause in the action as the players continue what they were doing the last
2034-02-28 2300 UTC Deke heads out of town a ways, to the Trevella Stables, hoping he might find Grace.
2034-02-28 2200EST Characters converge on Sudbury (2034-02-28 2200EST / 2034-03-01 0300UTC / 2034-03-01 0300LT)


  • Deke and company are transferred to a biohazard-grade ambulance for transportation to Jenkin's work. He pa
2034-02-28 2100EST MITO Infection Contained while Tetras Spread West (2034-02-28 2100EST / 2034-03-01 0200UTC / 2034-03-01 0200LT) As the first major population centre to experience the Spawning, Syndey was completely unprepared for the Tetras manifesting everywhere. The initial rumours settled on Tetras being the product of a bizarre gengineerin
2034-02-28 2000EST The World Begins to React to the Tetras (2034-02-28 2000EST / 2034-03-01 0100UTC / 2034-03-01 0100LT)
  • Russia: The small city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was the first significant population centre to meet the Tetras. There was mass panic from citizens, who generally fled from the alien invaders.
  • Japan welcomes the
2034-02-28 2000 UTC Not making any progress in finding Grace, Deke starts working his way through stables and other places where horses are found in Sudbury. Red and Grace return to their room at the Trevella Stables.
2034-02-28 1900EST The Tetra Wave Begins (2034-02-28 1900EST / 2034-03-01 0000UTC / 2034-03-01 0000LT)
  • Tetras start to appear in Russia not far West of the international dateline.
  • North Americans realize the Tetras are real, and start to prepare.


2034-02-28 1900 UTC Red is suspended from the park for unsportsmanlike conduct. He and Grace are both freaked out. Their characters are dead.
2034-02-28 1300EST Deke Arrives in Sudbury Deke arrives in Sudbury, and starts trying to track down Grace. Red freaks out in the IAR game he and Grace are playing at Dream Park: Sudbury.
2034-02-22 Deke gets a call from Jenkins that Sudbury local police have identified Grace as being in the Sudbury area. Jenkins is head of security at the BURF at the moment.
2032-02-29 Grace and Red realize they are in love.
2032-01-09 Grace Heppener shows up at the Trevella Stables in Sudbury looking for work and a place to stay. Red Cooper lives and works there.
2015 Grace Heppener is born.

Data for Category:Characters stored in Special:CargoTables/CHARACTER with the Form:Character Sheet and Template:Character Sheet