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Gene Witches are the very small subsection of the genetic coder population with truely deep knowledge of the underlying fundamentals of genetic codes. A good Gene Witch can reliably edit the operational genome of almost any living thing and keep it alive while its base codes are altered. Most have a G. Eng in their academic history.

Their deep understanding of the 'machine code' that does the actual work in an organism is analogous to being able to read machine language and write assembler code - and also use advanced languages all the way up the stack.

Rules for Gene Witchery

Genetic manipulation requires an aspect that justifies making rolls, and requires a personal assistant AI with immense ability to manage a modern semi-autonomous lab. Gene Witches create and use special tools to increase their ability to manipulate organisms. These are usually described as stunts. Some are relatively common, such as the general ability to manipulate a creature's genome more effectively than others:

'''Full Genetic and Proteomic Profile''': +2 to [approach] create an advantage when analyzing or altering a specific organism's capabilities.;

Many Gene Witches are masters at integrating new augments into an existing organism.

'''Exceptional Genetic Balance''': +2 to [approach] create an advantage for a subject when integrating new augments into that specific organism.;

Some gene witches specialize in a domain, such as biological weapons, chimeric organisms, or regeneration. The possibilities are endless.

Standard Genetic Upgrade Packages

...need to integrate the AppStore and such into these rules.