Game Mechanics

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Game Mechanics cover four areas: Rules, World Building, Character Types, and How to Play.


Many pages described rules. A few are important for a consistent universe.

Teams are a big deal when you are running an MNC. The team rules take some rolls, but they work.

Weapons cover some of the more amazing things destructotools can do, such as piercing armour, hiding, blowing up, or finding the target all on their own.

World Aspects are not 'rules' per se, but they kinda fit from a gameplay perspective.

Other Rules

  • Creating a permanent aspect for another character or team is DC-6. This can be resisted as per Overcome rules of FAE.

World Building

Many Game Mechanics are expressed as World Aspects associated with one or more World Notes. Together these provide actionable aspects of the world in 2034, set in a narrative context for the game. Some World Aspects were created by the GR to create the setting for the game. Many are the result of discussions while creating a character.

Character Types

Characters are sophants who have agency and consciousness to direct their own destinies, or entities that act without being conscious. Either may be directed by a Player or the Gamerunner.

How To Play

The DU is constructed on two online platforms:

  • Slack for text discussions and file sharing;
  • Discord for video conferencing during game sessions.
  • MediaWiki for developing and recording the ongoing narrative (that's this site).

To become a player/creator you'll need to create an account on this site, make a first pass at creating a character, and have the Sysop make you a Slack account. Game play may be live sessions using video-conferencing, or textual interactions over Slack.