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Ellen Oronyatekha

Aliases: #REDIRECT [[Ellen Oronyatekha]]


[[Ellen]] :: [[Ellen Oronyatekha]]

High Concept: Through my mind-controlled legion of minions, I rule the world.
Trouble: I will be the ruling God of humanity's children.
  • When I tell you mind control doesn't exist you will believe me.
  • Meat Is A Terrible Hardware Platform And I Want Off Of It.
  • My secrets have secret secrets, and I like it that way.
  • Prizewinning VRXGames fighter under the stage name "A Killing Word".
Fate Points
Refresh: 5 Current Total 5
Careful Clever Flashy Forceful Quick Sneaky
+2 +1 -1 +5 +2 +4
Sophant Characteristics
  • Augments are people who have altered themselves significantly from baseline for their species, or the specific alterations they have made to their bodies and minds. The most common augments are mechanical/cybernetic, neural, genetic, or chemical. Augments begin with 24R for approaches and abilities, 4R of normal Refresh, and 4L for their Unstable Augment limitation (28R/4L). They can take up to 44R/20L. This kind of min/max character is likely to be very fragile.
  • Unstable Augment: Every time you alter your aspects, abilities, or resilience, there is a chance that the change gets messed up. This is a 4 point limitation (uncommon, damaging) so the DC is /roll 4f +4. The player rolls against this using the approach of their choice. A failed roll adds the aspect, Unstable to one of the character's augments - not necessarily the new or changed one.
  • Manchurian Maker: +2 to Sneakily overpower a subject's will, ultimately programming them to become an unwilling ally who will obey me and forget their actions. This attack causes mental stress. The person defending will realize they are under attack only if there is a tied or failed attack roll. Otherwise the attack is too subtle to notice. Their defence must be unconscious until they realize they are under attack. If a consequence is taken from this attack it is Manchurian Candidate: Obey one direct order from me and then forget you have obeyed. Using this reduces the consequence by one slot unless I spend a fate point or equivalent. If an enemy is taken out they become a thrall of the CC and will do their bidding willingly until deprogrammed.
  • Manchurian Master: Once per session I can trigger a programmed ally to do something for me and forget they've done it, because I routinely manipulate and reprogram people.
  • The Voice: +2 to Force someone to obey me. This is an attempted to create an aspect in the opponent. Success With Style means the target believes that the actions are their own idea. Normal success means the person obeys but knows they are being manipulated. Failure means the attempt fails and the target knows. These all have serious consequences.
  • Augmented Insight: +2 to Quickly create an Advantage by using my augmented senses to figure out what someone is thinking, feeling, or about to do. This looks a lot like short term precognition.
  • My secrets have secrets: Once per session I can pull a desperately needed skill, tool, or information out of nowhere - at least, nowhere any of you know about. May cost a fate point.
  • VRX Combat Experience: It isn't just a game. It's effective combat training.
  • +2 to Sneakily Attack and to land a crippling blow when in melee combat - armed or unarmed.
  • +2 to Forcefully Defend myself in melee combat - armed or unarmed.
Magic: Spells and Powers
Augmentation: Genetic and Cybernetic
  • Enhanced Vision: +1 to [approach] see something tiny, obscured, subtle, or distant with my amazingly sharp sight - even in dim light. (Overcome)
  • Enhanced Hearing: +1 to [approach] hear something quiet with my amazingly sharp ears - even in noisy environments. (Overcome)
  • Bionic Larynx: My voicebox has been replaced with a device that uses sounds, pheromones, and drugs to put people in an almost hypnotic state. From there I can implant suggestions - usually reinforced over many interactions - or even try to force them to obey my will.
  • Nanowire Perfusion: A network of nanowires is arthroscopically installed throughout the structure of the brain. This provides excellent sensitivity. This good-resolution brain-computer interface (BCI) is snuggled up to your thoughts and feelings, and responds effortlessly. Lace-produced AR and VR objects are complex and detailed.
  • +2 to any one IRL action. The strain this imposes on the brain results in 1MS per use. This stress can only be recovered with a full night of sleep. (Cost 1R)
  • +2 to [Approach] actions in VR and AR gestalts. This bonus applies to Attack, Defend, Overcome, and Create an Aspect rolls. (Cost 4R)
  • Magnetic Disruption: Vulnerable to strong (1T+) magnetic fields that disrupt or damage the lace. +1MS and +2PS damage from strong magnetic fields (treated as attacks). (Gain 3R)
  • Faraday Cage: A nanowire mesh is installed outside the skull to provide a faraday cage, isolating the brain from external electromagnetic noise.
  • Lace Firewall: Nobody gets through my firewalls.
  • Lace Intrusion Detection: I tend to notice attempts at unauthorized access to my lace.
  • Lace Hardened: All lace systems are hardened against attack.
Damage Resistance and Healing
  • :* +1DR vs concussions. (Cost 1R)
  • Two silver bangles on her left wrist
  • Knitted metal silver choker with a bright green stone on the left side of it.
  • Middle Class: Ready access to enough money that travel, lodging, and new high-end phone purchases are not an issue. Ready cash in the μB1000/B0.001 range. You have enough money to buy your way out of basic scarcity issues, such as broken machines, small living spaces, slow transportation, etc. This is similar to being upper middle class: you have enough to rarely worry much about budgeting and can still go on a great vacation on short notice, or buy that new device. This is the baseline wealth that all characters are expected to have. (Cost 0R)
Stress: Mental Max 3 Stress: Physical Max 3
1 2 3 1 2 3
Consequences (Max 6)


Ellen is a 5'9 native american woman. Her irises are dark dark grey - so dark as to almost appear like polished coal under most lighting conditions. Her voice is a low alto, almost a female tenor. It is rich, musical, and if sound could be seen it would be smokey. Dresses solely in grey and black. She has a notable figure, but also one that makes most uncomfortable in her presence for no apparent reason.


Ellen came to BURF as an intern studying 'rehabilitative psychology'. This has morphed over her stay with Boeing, crossing multiple research facilities, becoming a master of indoctrination, training, and manipulation of the human mind. This includes outright brainwashing and reprogramming. She works in conjunction with both cyberneticists and gengineers to facilitate skill and attitude programming and adjustment of 'subjects'. She views the brain as a malleable, controllable object and views people in general as barely autonomous organic machines. The ethical conundrums which others might see in removing, rebuilding, or reprogramming personalities in other human beings don't occur to her. It's unclear whether this is something she's programmed into herself or something which has grown out of the less empathetic side of her work.

Over her years at BURF Ellen has developed exactly zero friendships. She is very sexually aggressive, with roughly a dozen lovers on the go at any given time. She tends to prefer big dumb men and smaller athletic women. Her lovers tend to fondly remember their time with her as a whirlwind of adventurous sex. Almost ¾ of her lovers form long-term pair bonds in their next relationship.

Ellen has many robotic replacement parts due to disease and injury in her past. These include multispectral eyes (IR to UVB, polarized, zoom x10, macro x100, bioscan-enhanced), 10Hz-70KHz cochlear implants, replacement knees and elbows (sports injuries; with offset tendons for additional leverage), sonar translators in her scalp (microscopic fibres that move her skin to give her awareness of everything around her), and a replacement larnyx (HPV triggered cancer).


Ellen competes regularly in the VRXGames, usually reaching the third round before retiring with a life intact. She has reached the fourth round twice.


2017-05-11: Stunts and Aspects unredated. 2017-05-12: VRXGames notes adjusted. 2018-06-14: Updated to Augmented Human Sophant.


Personal Events

Date Description
Date Description
2034-03-11 0000EST Overview Today:
  • 2034-03-10 0600EDT Jake continues training (free 1h 0900, 1300, 1700)
  • 2034-03-10 060
2034-03-09 0000EST Overview Luna Colony Alpha has had some time to deal with the fallout from King Henry's outburst.
2034-03-01 1900EST Chasing Ellen (2034-03-01 1900EST)

The hunt for Ellen is on.

Jade, from the VR rig in Ring 2 uses the Clank-swarm to unbury Val, contain the zombified soldiers, and track Ellen into her bolt hole.

Miranda runs into the dark area speakers briefly with Storm and brings her our
2034-03-01 1145EST The enemy has a suitcase nuke (2034-03-01 11345EST / 2034-03-01 1645UTC / 2034-03-01 1645LT)

At this point:

  • Deke, Grace, Red, Jenkins, Kaleb, and Val are on the Ring 0 landing platform with the attackers. The platform is 50m x 50m square, 10m tall. It is carved into the side of the central pillar,
2034-03-01 1130EST Bertha is under attack (2034-03-01 1130EST / 2034-03-01 1630UTC / 2034-03-01 1630LT)

A lot happened in a short time.

  • 11:24 EST: Bertha is informed of an incursion into her body, uncovered by B and Google in the patterns of the internet.'"`UNIQ--ref-0000000F-QINU`"' The incursion is believed to
2034-03-01 0900EST Droo Discovers Espionage Enhancements (2034-03-01 0900EST / 2034-03-01 1400UTC / 2034-03-01 1400LT) While in conversation with Gareth, Droo was able to activate one of his espionage enhancements. This rendered him effectively invisible from AR/VR overlays. Later, working with Ellen, he was reintroduced to the same kinds

Data for Category:Characters stored in Special:CargoTables/CHARACTER with the Form:Character Sheet and Template:Character Sheet