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Duration (Wizard, Sorcerer, Adept): Many effects are instantaneous (see Miasma...) or create permanent objects (see Summon Gold). Once the casting time is completed, no more magical energy is required to sustain the effect. Many other spells, such as Telekinesis, can be in operation for some time. If the duration is fixed to a specific number of seconds in the base cost is much lower, and the casting cost is not affected. A Force Field that must operate for 1 minute is enormously less expensive that a force field that can operate for up to 1 minute.

This complication includes an element of flexibility, so don't take that complication on top of this one. A spell with a duration of up to 30s has a base cost of 5, not 7.

Operating Cost refers to the ongoing energy drain the caster experiences. This drain does not count against the casting cost, but it does empty out energy pools and available ambient magical energy.


  • DC0 for instantaneous and permanent effects
  • Base cost: DC1 / 6 seconds for flexible duration effects
  • Base cost: DC1 / 15 seconds for fixed duration effects
  • Operating Cost: DC 1 / second of operation for flexible duration effects