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Zimeng Fong

Aliases: #REDIRECT [[Zimeng Fong]]


[[Zimeng Fong]] :: [[Dr. Fong]] :: [[Fong]]

High Concept: Gene witch seeking to engineer the transcendence of humanity to become a god-like hive mind.
Trouble: We're not worthy: Compulsion to prove intellectual prowess to myself, others and the transcendent god
  • I Owe Dex: Assuming he gets me out of the Warren alive and intact, I owe him one life.
  • Prince of China: Son of a high level party-member in China.
  • Iocaine Powder: Genetically engineered to become resistant to poisons.
  • Mengele: My cold, scientific approach gives me insight into the most efficient way to deliver a ...change.
  • Heart of lion, mind of crocodile: Genetically manipulated to be brave, but disconcertingly cold. Increases resistance to mental stress.

AR/VR Illusionist: Through hacking and metamancy I misdirect human and AI attention, concealing actions and warping their reality to suit my needs.

  • Kill Switch:
Fate Points
Refresh: 3 Current Total 3
Careful Clever Flashy Forceful Quick Sneaky
+5 +5 0 +1 0 +5
Sophant Characteristics
  • Augments are people who have altered themselves significantly from baseline for their species, or the specific alterations they have made to their bodies and minds. The most common augments are mechanical/cybernetic, neural, genetic, or chemical. Augments begin with 24R for approaches and abilities, 4R of normal Refresh, and 4L for their Unstable Augment limitation (28R/4L). They can take up to 44R/20L. This kind of min/max character is likely to be very fragile.
  • Unstable Augment: Every time you alter your aspects, abilities, or resilience using augments, there is a chance that the change gets messed up. This is a 4 point limitation (uncommon, damaging) so the DC for the roll is 4. The player can use any approach to overcome this DC as long as they can justify it narratively. The final roll is /roll 4f DC-4 +Approach - as long as it is narratively justified. A failed roll adds the aspect Unstable to one of the character's augments - not necessarily the new or changed one.
  • Strong Leadership: +2 to Cleverly create an advantage for my team, usually at DC4. (1R)
Magic: Spells and Powers
Augmentation: Genetic and Cybernetic
  • Horror Factor: It's not that I'm scary. It's that the completely logical ideas I implement are too much for smaller minds. When the unenlightened look upon my works they are on occasion, stressed. Fong's creations and laboratories have a horror factor. Anyone not dedicated to the Transcending God must defend against a Mental Stress attack of /roll 4f +5FongClever +5FongSneaky when first encountering All consequences associated with this mental stress include an aversion to Fong, and a gibbering terror at what the future will bring. (6L Common, involuntarily damaging to others)
Damage Resistance and Healing
Dedication: The Cause may override orders, teamwork, and relationships.
  • Smart Dust Perfusion: With a sensor mote on almost all neutrons, this lace provides excellent sensitivity. This brain-computer interface (BCI) has very good resolution reading your brain, and is snuggled up to your thoughts and feelings, interpreting them effortlessly. It's ability to influence your brain is limited, however. Lace-produced AR and VR objects lack detail, so emotions and other qualia feel like they are being imposed, not coming from within. An Implanted AR Interface is included in this package to ensure good AR and VR experiences. The nerves going from eyes, ears, and spine into the brain are wrapped in induction coils that allow for a full sensory overlay except smell (and tastes are muted). These interfaces are shielded against ambient interference, but can be disrupted or hacked. As with most 'stuff' the character does not bear the full R/L cost of the item. so the 11R/7L refresh cost is taken as (4R) - along with a full Bitcoin in payment.
  • Vulnerable to concussions: Any physical stress that involves accelerating the head automatically causes a 2 Point Consequence called "Concussed: With each invocation of this consequence choose from one of the following effects: loss of concentration, disorientation, dizziness, nausea, confusion, sleepiness, or loss of coordination." (4L)
  • IRL Skill Boost: Once per session, +3 to any one IRL action. (3R)
  • IAR Skill Boost: +2 to Clever actions in AR gestalts. This bonus applies to Attack, Defend, Overcome, and Create an Aspect rolls. (Cost 2R)
  • IAR Skill Boost: +1 to Sneaky actions in VR gestalts. This bonus applies to Attack, Defend, Overcome, and Create an Aspect rolls. (Cost 2R)
  • IAR Skill Boost: +1 to Careful actions in VR gestalts. This bonus applies to Attack, Defend, Overcome, and Create an Aspect rolls. (Cost 2R)
  • Magnetic Disruption: Vulnerable to strong (1T+) magnetic fields that disrupt or damage the lace. +1MS and +2PS from strong magnetic fields (treated as attacks). (3L)
  • Faraday Cage: A nanowire mesh is installed outside the skull to provide a Faraday cage, isolating the brain from external electromagnetic noise.
  • Lace Firewall: Nobody gets through my firewalls.
  • Lace Intrusion Detection: I tend to notice attempts at unauthorized access to my lace.
  • Lace Hardened: All lace systems are hardened against attack.
Stress: Mental Max 3 Stress: Physical Max 3
1 2 3 1 2 3
Consequences (Max 6)
4: I trust Dex - Dex has my best interests at heart.



Zimeng Fong was born in Hong Kong in 1969. After his mother died of a rare degenerative disease when he was a boy, he was raised by a string of nannies. His father, a high-level government overseer for Beijing took little interest in his shy, awkward son.

Fong escaped into his school work and even among his private school peers, he excelled in mathematics and science. He diligently continued his educated and completed his PHD in Shanghai in genetics but rejected his father's offer of the directorship of a government research center in Beijing. Instead, he pursued a post-doctoral research project in Oxford in advanced genetic manipulation of livestock for optimized agriculture.

While in Oxford, he began experimenting with altering the way that humans metabolize certain proteins to support his other research. When it was discovered that he had done some...experiments... on other students, he was discharged from the university. In exchange for a large donation from his father, he returned to China to work for the Chinese government.

Dr. Fong was finally given an opportunity to experiment with humans while directing research in a questionable facility during the Chinese suppression of Tibet. It was during this time that he began to understand the spiritual implications of his work, and where it could lead us as a species and beyond.

When the Jade Rabbit Warren was conceived, he was one of 3 scientists that authored the confidential brief recommending engineered drones as the primary workforce. Despite Dr. Fong's obvious seniority, his colleague Xuan Da, was given responsibility of the administrating the Warren's genetic program. Dr. Da has since worked hard to sideline all of Dr. Fong's work. out of jealousy to a clearly superior scientist.


Personal Events

Date Description
Date Description
2034-03-03 1110LT Arrogant Oopsing Independently and privately, Syd and Fong both decide it's a good idea to connect to Yutu.

Fong threatens the AI with death and destruction. He ends the rather one sided conversation happy that he has a real advantage over Yutu.

Syd attempts to stealthily manipulate the AI's systems in
2034-03-03 0900LT Preemptive Counterstrike The attack began with the Royal Guard slamming the Warren Spaceport. They lost some soldiers while mowing down vast numbers of the enemy.

12 Marine drop ships taken on the assault. 2 Destroyed and 4 damaged. Killing 14 soldiers.

The rest of the party blew a hole in the roof near Fong's secret
2034-03-02 1300LT Plan Of Attack The day is spent planning the attack on Yutu and the Jade Rabbit Warren. Mission objectives are:

1. Destroy the Warren's Spaceport so they can not launch an attack on Luna Alpha.

2. Destroy as many Clone Drone Warriors as possible.

3. Gather resources to build a NC Thul army.
2034-03-02 1200LT Conversation with the AIs The characters have a conversation with the AIs, talking about what their mission is and why it is important that the moon continue to host human life.
2034-03-02 1135LT Turns out terrorst attacks can be quite effective As terrorist actions go, random frothing death was pretty effective at unsettling the population. When this was followed by random "There was a pop and then Geoff's head sort of bulged and a lot of stuff jetted out of his ears and eyes and I'm covered in it because he sleeps on his back and oh god o
2034-03-02 1000LT Splitting Headache 68 boomfly drones deliver a small explosive charge to the base of the skull of humans. 956 birds, spiders, frogs, and other insectivores explode at the same time.

The remainder of Dr. Fong’s team are killed. It is messy.

16 Royal Guard were killed, even in their armour. The flies got inside. [[Dal
2034-03-02 0900LT Waking Up Dead At 9AM, the mosquito drones delivered their nerve agent payload. Mycroft immediately reported over 100 casualties, including several Royal Guards and two of Fong’s team. The whole of the city was immediately locked down as if the biosphere was exposed to vacuum. This (Building codes require every h
2034-03-02 0700LT Smoothing Over The Horror At the request of Ms. Smith, Dex made his way to Dr. Fong's lab. From Fong's point of view everything is working nicely. From Dex's point of view it’s a clusterfuck of clashing cultures. He smoothed it all over, despite the horrifying monstrosities growing in Fong's lab. (He took some me
2034-03-01 1200LT Scary-Man Homecoming Most of the day was spent figuring out how the mission went so well.

Note - Kevin was not talking to the real leader.

Dex negotiates a real job.

Syd contacts Brad / JakJak for help.

2034-03-01 0900LT A Haven Revealed To Be Something Else Dex and Syd independently discovered that the human overseeres in the Warren are much more tightly integrated into Yutu than they would be able to sustain. It would not be enough to demonstrate the right outward behaviours. They would also need to think in a manner consistent with the mental

Data for Category:Characters stored in Special:CargoTables/CHARACTER with the Form:Character Sheet and Template:Character Sheet

GR Notes

2019-01-23 Refresh Audit

Refresh Capacity: 34R

  • 24 Base
  • 10 L
  • 0 XP

Refresh Spent: 31R

  • 16R Approaches
  • 6R Abilities
  • 9R Stress

Refresh Available: 3R

  • Current Available Fate Points: 3

You also have 1R dedicated to your team. You can keep it there and I will narratively find you a new team, or you can shift that point to something else.

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