Designer Organism

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Designer Organisms are genetically altered creatures that are specialized for some purpose. Also called GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). Biological sophants who are augmented are a type of designer organism.

Genetic engineering of designer organisms exploded into the consumer market in 2026. Gene Witches are the bespoke artists in the field. Increased intelligence in pets was a it motivator, but targeted capabilities in livestock was the big money maker. Algae and yeasts were the big breakthrough, allowing facilities like BURF and Luna Alpha to be sustainable.

  • "Genetic Engineer" is a degree program now and "Gengineering" is a well known portmanteau. Most G.Eng work in medical and agricultural domains, curing and preventing disease. Some work on enhancing organisms by reprogramming their cells. Rumours abound of a few who create organisms to order, for whatever purpose the buyer can afford to want.
  • Gene Witches are the very small subsection of the genetic coder population with truely deep knowledge of the underlying fundamentals of genetic codes. A good Gene Witch can reliably edit the operational genome of almost any living thing and keep it alive while its base codes are altered. Most have a G. Eng in their academic history.