Crowd Dispersal MASER Cannon

From Discovered

Mounted on a vehicle or power armour, this 100kg unit fires a 2m radius cylinder of high intensity coherent microwave radiation at a large number of targets. Being hit by the beam feels like sticking your entire body in a fire. The beam is swept across crowds to cause discomfort without causing permanent damage. Holding on a target can be fatal quite quickly.

  • Damage: +1PS and +1MS per second in the beam path.
  • Range: 2500m in dry air. 250m in rain.
  • Area of Effect: Anything in front of the beam path.
  • Payload: 500s operation per supercapacitor (80kg)
  • Limitations
    • Can not penetrate significant running water, though targeting a body of water can cause a superheated steam explosion.
    • Metal components will spark and may ignite after more than 1s exposure.
    • Unaffected by armour unless the armour has radiation shielding.