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This guide contains everything you need to know and do to create a character in the Discovered Universe, including relevant and modified Fate Accellerated Edition (FAE) rules, and backstory about the Discovered Universe. It does not contain the full FAE or FATE rules - just the ones you need to be able to build a good character.

In Fate systems, your character is a co-created with the other players and the GM. In the Discovered Universe all characters start off human and alive and within our solar system. Other that that you can go fairly wild, choosing any kind of culture, religion, race, age, language, etc.

Character creation is a quick, creative, collaborative, and iterative journey in Fate and Fate Accellerated Edition (FAE). Expect to tweak your aspects and characteristics before the game begins, as you discuss your ideas with the GM and other players. Oh - and make sure your character has a reason to interact and cooperate with the characters the other players are making.

  1. Create a High Concept.
  2. Create a Trouble.
  3. Create another Aspect.
  4. Name your character and describe their appearance and backstory.
  5. Choose their Approach.
  6. Choose a Stunt.
  7. Set your Refresh to 3.

Two kinds of information pages will help you in your initial character creation: Game Mechanics and World Notes. You'll need to review these to make a character that fits into the Discovered Universe.