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Aliases: #REDIRECT [[Chewie]]



High Concept: I complete the mission.
Trouble: I am not expendable.
  • Ballistic Unrestrained Meat Protection System (BUMPS): Glue-Foam Unsecured Meat Before High G Maneuvers
  • Stealthy AF: Except for that pesky heat signature.
  • Plasram Fusion Rocket: I can handle Mach 3, and fly in full vacuum - as long as I have reaction mass.
  • Self Repair Systems: Like a living creature, I can heal stress over time. I happen to use fabbers and cm scale repair drones.
Fate Points
Refresh: 3 Current Total 2
Careful Clever Flashy Forceful Quick Sneaky
+1 +2 +2 +1 +3 0
Sophant Characteristics
  • Jamming: +2 to Flashily defend against weapons using radar tracking, but not ground-based tracking.
  • Stealth: +2 to Quickly hide / avoid being targeted (Adv).
  • Dodge: +2 to Quickly dodge incoming fire with minimal damage to the onboard meat. (+1 if fully loaded)
Magic: Spells and Powers
Augmentation: Genetic and Cybernetic
Damage Resistance and Healing
  • Biohazard Containment and Analysis Modules (BCAM): Chewie can be fitted with containers classed at level 4 containment. The BUMPS is not active in these units. 3h to install, 8h to uninstall, 15s to eject each container in turn (3@40', 1@20', 2@10' = 90s total)
  • Extended Ramp and Tether: The ramp can be extended 80m at speed or with ground support. The extension can create a wide cone sealed off from the wind of travel, effectively creating a contained docking bubble for smaller craft to land on. 20 minutes to install, 40 minutes to uninstall, 30s to eject.
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Chewie is the AI installed in the heavily modified XC-17B transport plane pilfered from the BURF.


  • Length: 53m /174'
  • Wingspan: 45.72m / 150' (shortened)
  • Height (ground): 16.7m / 55'
  • Height (wheels up): 14m / 46'
  • Cargo Hold: 27m x 5.5m x 3.76m / 88' x 18' x 12'4"

Mass and Carrying Capacity

  • Operating Empty Mass (OEM): 48,535 kg / 107,000 lb
  • Fuel Capacity (mass): 82,125kg / 181,054 lb
  • Fuel Capacity (volume): 105,992 L / 28000 gallons
  • Operating Mass: 125,192kg / 276,000 lb (OEM+Fuel+Bits)
  • Max Takeoff Mass: 265,352kg / 585,000 lb
  • Max Payload: 76,657 kg / 169,000 lb
  • Payload Capacity: 250,000 lb / 113,400kg

This section does not add up.

Flight Characteristics Vectored fusion plasma thrusters add to the four fusion-powered Pratt & Whitney F117-PW-100 turbofans with 44,400 pounds (180kN) of thrust per engine.

  • Top speed: Mach 3 (in atmosphere)
  • Maximum Manoeuvering Acceleration: 15g (see 'Combat')
  • Range: indefinite (water as reaction mass)
  • Service Ceiling: none (airtight, without atmospheric regenerators)
  • VTOL at less than ?kg payload
  • Take-off at Max load: 500 m / 1640 ft
  • Landing at Max: 250 ft / 820ft

Appears to be painted in temperate brown/green camo, unless she activates her stealth systems.


Chewie started life as a C-17B transport, specially modified for life as transport for Boeing's research facility. Chewie is a fully combat-capable autopilot AI and is outfitted with an unusual suite of countermeasures---chaff, flares, jamming and low observable modifications. He has also had his Fowler flaps and flaps modified to allow enhanced short field capability, frame greatly upgraded for a slightly improved ceiling, and much better defensive combat maneuvers. The balloon tires can land on grass or unimproved fields. Using VTOL may cause stress damage to whatever she is hovering over. Because the thrusters are distributed all over the aircraft the pressure at any given point under her is large, but not overwhelming to a normal runway or paved road.

Fusion Heart

Jake, Icky and some hired technical help used the Microfusion reactors to convert Chewie from conventional fuel to fusion. Chewie has 12 units installed in the cavernous fuel tanks that are no longer needed. An added scoop allows the plane to collect water vapour from the air and so self refuels while he flies (consumes <100 ml/hr at 15 MW and can gather much more than this during flight). With a 0.5 m³ water tank, Chewie has reserves for 75 years at original power, or 6 years of continuous operation at full power so his range is now essentially indefinite.

Fusion Engines

Most of the energy from the fusion cores is converted directly into electricity at 90% efficiency. Most of the remaining heat from the fusion cores is transformed into electricity a molten salt system that drives standard steam turbines when the plane is idle. When it is in flight this heat is piped to the engines to provide heat in the original combustion chamber. Additional heat is provided by the electrical system through room temperature superconductor. In effect, the jet engines work essentially the same as they did before, but with heat from molten salt and electricity rather than combustion. This required some clever changes to the combustion stage.

While working with the fusion retrofit, it was realized that there was now quite an excess of power available. Chewie is much lighter with the fuel systems removed and the fuel was a large portion of his original flying weight. Removing this and adding more than 10x the original available power means there is a large power reserve (original configuration was more like 10 MW versus current 180 MW). As a result, the team build belly-mounted [Plasram]] engines to take Chewie to supersonic (Mach 15+) speed.

Finally, Chewie has had some vectorable thrust nozzles installed to allow direct plasma or salt ejection (emergencies only) in any direction. This allows for some very "unairplane-like" maneuvres with up to 3G of acceleration in any direction possible.


Once the CAF crew stole it, they dubbed the IA autopilot "Chewie" and applied that AR skin. Chewie has taken on the wookie-roar communication of his name-sake, with individual ARs providing real time translation. Note: Wookie is a real language, in that it runs the sounds of the listener's language through a processor to wookify the sound. In time most people can learn to hear their native tongue without AR assistance.

AR Skin

The skin of the plane has been retrofitted with a grid of thermoelectric coolers to help camouflage his IR signature. Thermoelectric generators are used to convert the heat to power for this and the losses are a net benefit in consuming the excess power.


Chewie has limited offensive capabilities, but a nice collection of defensive options.


Chewie's reactors have been configured to allow vectored jetting of plasma, which can be used for close-range (~100 m) attacks. Temperature of the jet is on the order of 100 million degrees (units really don't matter).

Work is underway to finalize the design of the railgun-launched Wild Wookie weapon. The railgun is installed and can be used but the warheads are still experimental and somewhat unstable.

A lightning-gun - really a sustained high amperage arc - is under development.


Each defensive ordinance (flare, chaff, etc.) is treated as a Boost in game terms, providing no-Fate Point advantages once and once only.

  • Chaff: 6 rounds
  • Flares: 6 rounds
  • "Phoenix": Create a huge thermal footprint to confuse/overload IR weapons by venting plasma.

Ongoing structural and electronic countermeasures cause an advantage to avoid tracking and weapons locks on various guided weapons. These require a Fate Point from Chewie or a combat pilot to activate unless they are noted as stunts.

  • Jamming: Effective against weapons' radar tracking, but not ground-based tracking. (see Stunts)
  • Stealth: The entire fuselage has been covered with 100cm2 hexagonal scales forming a stealth display. One side of each scale is combat spec Vantablack. The other side is an LCD that can reflect or emit either red, green or blue. The tech is alpha-experimental, with a ton of problems that make most of the stealth panels not work at all, or show a random assortment of lit colours, reflective colours, and vantablack. (see Stunts)
  • Dodge: Taking advantage of nanowire and graphene laminate reinforcement, the airframe can pull 15g when lightly loaded, 10g when fully loaded.
  • "Well Sealed": During the airframe upgrades, the work was thorough enough that it was determined that Chewie could withstand full vaccum.
  • "Supersonic" The reinforcements also allow Chewie to sustain supersonic flight with the TEC and TEG units used to actively cool the skin.

Chewie has 4 physical Stress slots.

CAF AeroCore

Team details and capabilities are noted in the AeroCore page.

Stealth System Status

Fully operational at end of day 2034-03-10.


Personal Events

Date Description
Date Description
2034-03-15 1800EDT One Punch Wookie Chewie dropped basically all his ordinance from near orbit by going nose down and dark. The result was that Shadows' defences missed him until it was too late. The main gun was destroyed. An unexpected way in to the north end of the base was created. There were 360 HC soldiers on board – 10 @ 36 pe
2034-03-15 1759EDT Emergency Dump Completed Chewie pooped out the contents of his hold in a high-G manoeuvre where he spun around to fly backwards to the target drop, while accelerating at 5g against his direction of flight. He opened his cargo ramp by jettisoning it. As his ground speed reached zero he used a carefully tuned ultrasonic blast
2034-03-15 1754EDT Emergency Dump After the initial shock and requests for assistance from Europe were made, Chewie announced he could land them in an emergency manoeuvre that will forever be known as the "Emergency Dump" (or something funnier).
2034-03-15 1746EDT A Shadowy Mind Droo used his ability to walk through encryption to investigate Shadows' network of dirigible drones. Shadows recognized that something was transmitting out of it's closed network so it began to hunt for the intruder. Droo experienced this through the metaphor or a giant wave of darkness closing in
2034-03-15 1745EDT Chewie is fired on The attack was a surprise to everyone on board. Chewie dodged most of the damage, but had to work hard, including using the BUMPS to stabilize the passengers. The entire CAF Board were in the Council of Sophants meeting, but six of them were physically in Chewie. Willow, Sutton, AJ,
2034-03-15 1700EDT Council of Sophants Urgent Session The discussion was intense and heated, but it was also mostly positive. There was surprisingly little animosity among nations, but within them Mayors were often at odds with provincial and federal governments, and more aligned with the Corporations that ran the cities. IOTA raised a new kind of con
2034-03-13 1400EDT Uplifted animals are rescued Narnia Base has been abandoned, with 580 uplifted animals in the Wookiee’s belly. The humans were killed by nanites, which seem to have self destructed when their ‘keep alive’ signal was interrupted. The flight home took much longer than the flight down to Brazil, for a few reasons. F
2034-03-12 1500EDT Chewie wanders through the wardrobe With the aerospace team working with Chewie to run the maintenance drones, the flight to the Amazon was amazingly quick. With everyone strapped in, she pushed out at 5g, heading nearly vertical until the atmosphere thinned. Shifting to rocket-mode, Chewie did something unexpected: she turned nose do
2034-03-12 1400EDT Wing warping repaired from first emergency on the fly activation of the fusion powered plasram. The CAF Ground Crew returned the aircraft to true, but did not have time to deal with other inconsequential damage.
2034-03-12 1400EDT Taylor and the ABCThreat Team adjust Chewie When Willow, Sutton, Deke, and the HC Squad showed up to board Chewie they discovered that Taylor and some of her team had overruled the containment approach that the CAF BOD thought it had ordered up. "I understand there is some urgency," Taylor said, her quiet voice difficult to h
2034-03-12 1200EDT A busy morning and menagerie. Vince and JJ are a gorilla and a dog who can talk and appear to be quite intelligent. They chose to talk to a local Clank to request extraction from the secret base they are in, what with the humans all dead. Jake observed the situation for a while as the clank was passed around and
2034-03-11 1910EST Escape From Atlanta On approach to Atlanta, Sutton, AJ, and Genie teamed up with two homo celestes soldiers each, using VBFS to fly in to each of the three safe houses to collect the extended family of our recently acquired scientist Taylor. Dan joined up with Genie's team when they
2034-03-11 0000EST Overview Today:
  • 2034-03-10 0600EDT Jake continues training (free 1h 0900, 1300, 1700)
  • 2034-03-10 060
2034-03-09 0000EST Overview Luna Colony Alpha has had some time to deal with the fallout from King Henry's outburst.
2034-03-07 0000EST Overview Val secures a network of trade agreements and alliances that make his company safe for the foreseeable future. MITOs pick up an additional point of Forceful. Willow verifies that the pheromones used in OBCo are not malicious or robbing people of free will.
  • [[2034-03-07 0600EDT Icky Ne
2034-03-06 0000EST Overview Much of what happened today.


Early in the morning Willow gets a call from NeuraLink wanting to discuss her proposal. They have been running simulations and live tests over the last 24h. They are impressed.

They are also unclear on how to generalize the process for [[Optod
2034-03-05 0000EST Overview Different characters have different tasks and goals.


  • Droo: Assist in design and testing of security. That contract from Tank.
  • Icky: Repair and arm Chewie. Be upgraded by NeuraLace and Willow. Assist design and d
2034-03-04 1300EST Aftermath and Construction Different characters have different tasks this afternoon.


  • Droo: Assist in design and testing of security.
  • Icky: Repair and arm Chewie. Be upgraded by NeuraLace and Willow. Assist design and development of μFusion plant.
  • Jake: Be upgrad
2034-03-03 1705UTC Incoming Storm's plane is blown up while Chewie dodges missiles and gunfire from an attacking fighter. She extends her descent into a bit of a glide by using her big fur coat as a wing. Droo and Vernon were overwhelmed with a desperate claustrophobia and a desire to fetch. Vernon's new c

Data for Category:Characters stored in Special:CargoTables/CHARACTER with the Form:Character Sheet and Template:Character Sheet