Character Description

From Discovered

Putting together a few paragraphs on your character might seem simple enough, but bear in mind that these are also minor aspects of your character, and that they will have an effect on the game. This is a first contact story, but it is also a superhero origin story for each and every character. Eventually something is going to happen to take all of our characters out of their merely heroically competent and skilled state, right up into superheroic levels of power.

No, you don't get to choose that stuff now. Superheroic powers will be introduced after our characters are well established - likely toward the end of the first big adventure.

This is easier if we use "you" to refer to your character, so that's what we'll do.

Choose a Name

Beyond recording your name, consider how you got that name. Is it the name you were born with? Why did your parents choose it? What does it mean to you? Do you have a nickname or homename? Make some notes in your Backstory.

Describe what you look like

Consider a few points of view when describing your character's appearance. How would you describe yourself to a stranger? If your best friend arranged for someone to meet you at the airport, how would they describe you? How would you be described by someone who you've repeatedly locked horns with in the past? Do you have a style or lifestyle that shapes how you present yourself? When you make a first impression - what is that impression?

Build a Backstory

Thinking about your name and appearance probably sparked ideas about families, friends, and colleagues, as well as your own personality and characteristics. You don't need to write a novel - far from it! - but you can record some significant or formative events and characteristics here. How did you become who you are today?

List Some Stuff

Equipment and specialized items that grant special abilities and have narrative impacts, including significant wealth. Stuff has several advantages and disadvantages over other abilities. If your stuff is an object that can be lost or destroyed, the majority of the R/L costs for the object are embedded in the object itself. All stuff has a limitation that it can be lost, destroyed, or taken away. This limitation is usually common and inconvenient (3L), in this form:

Only when [A] (3L): The benefits and weaknesses of this [stuff] are lost when it is not [A]. (Common, Inconvenient).

where [A] is held/possessed/worn/eaten/injected/smoked/etc. For example, armour is usually:

Only when worn (3L): The benefits and weaknesses of this armour are lost when it is recharging or not worn. (Common, Inconvenient).

If that suit of armour had a base cost of (20R/16L) taking it as stuff is massively beneficial to the character, since the cost is only (4R/3L). The 3L does not apply to the internal cost of the stuff, but to the overall ability.