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A long knife for cutting and piercing. Details of specific swords vary widely. Conventional swords rarely do more than +3PS. Swords with monofilament edges and other modern materials tend to be armour piercing and do more damage. Some examples are listed here in detail. Specific swords are part of the category listing below the examples.

Sword (Traditional)

Traditional swords are made of forged metal.

Sword (Monofilament)

Monofilament swords are made for use by soldiers with normal human strength. Made of an ultrastrong metal/nanotube composite core, these blades have a carbon nanotube monofilament edge and point.

Sword (Anime)

Anime swords are enormous blades designed for use by soldiers in powered exoskeletons or power armour. They are too large and massive use by unaugmented humans. The edge and point are carbon nanotube monofilaments. Made of an ultrastrong metal alloys with a depleted uranium core for extra stopping power.

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