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Sophant may refer to self aware, self directed, conscious individuals of an organic or inorganic species, or to the species itself. Sophant species have some standard aspects and abilities. Individuals inherit these, along with many personal characteristics. In terms of game mechanics, Sophants may have Fate Points and Refresh. Non-sophants may have power and act on the world, but they can not bend fate. Sophants include baseline Humans, Augmented Humans like Celestes, Uplifted animals, and aliens such as Tetras, Swarms, and Pentas. Sophant AIs have been for a while in distributed and embodied forms, but may be difficult to play as characters.

Choosing an Established Sophant Species

If you want to play a non-human or augmented human character, there are some changes to the basic FATE and FAE systems to account for. An Uplifted Parrot/Great Dane has very different strengths and weaknesses from a normal human, a Tetra, or a cyborg. Established Sophants have individual pages that provide detailed instructions about how to define aspects and abilities.

As they gain experience it may be possible for a Sophant to change the aspects, abilities, and resilience that come with the species. This should be very difficult to do, and should not happen if any points of Overpower have not been paid off.

As always, the characters aspects are the most critical factor in creating a believable, fun-to-play character. Established sophants come with some aspects and abilities pre-defined, which may help you establish who the character is. The core of any character is still the high concept, trouble, aspects, and a backstory. Each Sophant page provides detailed information on how to handle abilities (including stunts), stress, and refresh for that type.

When considering additional abilities, it is often useful to start with what some notable high points in their backstory, and then work out what they had to be capable of to have had that success.

Creating a New Sophant Species

The rules below can be used to recreate any of the predefined sophant types, or to create a new type. Following these rules all points in characteristics are equivalent to points of Refresh. These can be allocated to approaches, abilities, and the capacity to soak damage. Different sophants may have alternate configurations for stress and consequences, and higher or lower limits for different characteristics.

Sophant Aspects, Abilities, and Resilience

All individual sophants follow the standard FAE/FATE rules for creating aspects, but sophants standard aspects, abilities and resilience that define them as a species. When creating a new sophant species define at least one aspect and one ability that distinguish the species from others. Resilience may be significantly different from humans as well.

  • Aspects are a word, phrase, or sentence that describes something centrally important to your character or to the narrative of the Discovered Universe. Aspects allow you to alter the narrative - to cheat Fate.
  • Abilities extend the standard Fate stunt to include Stunts, Augments, Magic, Teams, and Stuff. These all function like normal stunts in a broad sense, but may have specific rules that govern them, like Magic and Teams.

Refresh: Your Pool Of Power

Sophants start out with a pool of Refresh that are distributed to define the normal characteristics of the species. This table compares a standard FAE sophant to sophants in this remixed system. These notes apply at the species level, and not to individual characters. All centaurs will have the same basic outline. The same with all humans or all Celestes.

Characteristic Standard FAE Discovered Sophant
Refresh 3R 1R or more
Approaches 9 Approach points in 5 slots (1, 1, 2, 2, 3) 9R At least 4 points of approach in 2 or more defined slots. The maximum approach slot is +5 and the minimum is -2. Sophants may have specific slots assigned to particular approaches, so a sophant type could have +5, +3 Forceful, +2, +1, -2, -2 at a cost of 7R. Alternately, the Sophants may have slots and specific bonuses to particular approaches. For example, Celestes have slots with +3, +2, +1, +1 that can be applied to any approach, with an additional +2 Forceful, +2 Quick, and -2 Careful, for a total cost of 9R. At least 4R.
Abilities 3 Stunts 3R 0 or more species-specific abilities (Stunts, Magic, Augments, Teams, and Stuff). 1R per Ability
Resilience n/a n/a Includes anything that allows the species to absorb, avoid, soak, resist, or repair damage, including stress and consequences, Damage Resistance, a Healing Factor, etc. Stress and consequences can be purchased as slots or as a pool.
Slots: Each slot costs 1 Refresh, so human characters have 9R invested in 3 mental stress slots (1, 2, 3), 3 physical stress slots (1, 2, 3), and 3 consequence slots (2, 4, 6).
Pool: A stress or consequence pool costs 1 Refresh for 2 points. This is expensive compared to slots, but grants a lot of flexibility. The sophant species should have an aspect that explains why they can handle a single huge hit or many small ones, compared to the normal slots system.
1R per type of resilience.
Overpowered n/a n/a Some sophant species are overpowered out of the gate, with up to 6 extra Refresh. These extra points come with significant long term costs. While Overpowered characters are tempting for their early power advantage, they are not able to twist fate like other characters. Gain up to 6R, which must be paid off with experience.
Limited n/a n/a Gain 1 or more Refresh per vulnerability, disadvantage, or weakness, up to 20R total. The severity and rarity of a vulnerability affects the number of Refresh points gained. For example, Vampires have a vulnerability to UV light that does 1 stress slot of damage per second of exposure. UV is common and the vulnerability is fatal in seconds, so Vampires get +8R to work with as a species from this limitation. If a limitation requires a roll, the magnitude of the limitation sets the DC for that roll. For example, Augments are limited by instability across their abilities (uncommon, damaging) which gives them an extra 4R and causes them difficulty every time their augments change.
Limitation Bonus Severity Example (Vampire)
Fatal Damaging Inconvenient
Rarity Common -8 -6 -3 Garlic
Uncommon -6 -4 -2 Wooden Stake
Rare -3 -2 -1 Silver Bullet
Example (Vampire) UV Light Holy Symbol Invitation to enter

Limitations can make for unbalanced characters that are not enjoyable to play as characters. Use with caution.

Gain up to 20R.
Total Points 17R 24R + limits + overpower


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