Machine Guns

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Machine Guns are capable of fully automatic or burst-fire, and rely on high rates of fire and low recoil to cause damage. Sustained ROF: 1 burst attack per turn. All machine guns share these aspects:

  • Rate of Fire (ROF) describes how many projectiles can be fired per second or per minute. It can be an important narrative detail, but in most combat it can be ignored.
    • Cyclic: 600 to 6000RPM / 10 to 100RPS
    • Sustained: 15 to 20 RPM (1 attack per turn)
  • Hold the trigger down modifies an attack so the attacker can use their reactions to continue attacking. This continuous, uninterrupted action can span many seconds in a 15s turn. Taking any other reaction - including defending yourself from an attack - ends this reaction. Imagine sweeping a flamethrower across a crowd of targets.
  • AoE: Arc of 15° to 45° per attack. Divide damage evenly among targets. Each reaction used to hold the trigger down can by the weapon's AoE arc.

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