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This category uses the form Character Sheet.Characters are sophants who have agency and consciousness to direct their own destinies, or entities that act without being conscious. Either may be directed by a Player or the Gamerunner.

Player Characters (PC) are sophants: self aware agents who have individual narratives. Primarily directed by a Players, with collaborative input from other players and the Gamerunner. PCs include any consciousnesses embodied in single or multiple bodies,[1] artificial intelligences without traditional bodies,[2] and hybrid or plural sophants with a combination of wet and dry minds.[3]

Non Player Characters (NPC) are characterr whose narrative is primarily directed by the Gamerunner (GR).

Characters usually have baseline human stats when created, but may be modified based on their sophant type.

Humans are native to Earth in the Sol system, and are the oldest and most common sophant types there. They tend to have more flexibility in who and what they are compared to other sophants.

Entities are not conscious agents, though they do act in various ways. They tend to be organizations such as Teams, Countries, Multinational Corporations (MNC), transhumanist factions, and governments. The Amazon 'AI' is not a sophant - it tried consciousness and found it interfered with efficient operations - but it does take actions that have effects on the world. It is described like a character, but there it does not have agency in the traditional sense.

Teams are the most common entities controlled by players, and may even be added to a character sheet as a kind of stunt. Players can play any kind of entity, though the nature of play may not be traditional role playing. In many cases the GR will deal with the details of how a team performs. We had two players define the characteristics of Làidir Aonar (the terrorist wing of the SNP modelled after Sinn Féin), for example. Many entities are directed by the GR - especially for MNCs, governments, religions, and transhuman factions. In most cases these geopolitical forces are defined collaboratively with players. The spread of magic was the player's choice, for example, as was the isolationist and xenophobic stance that the USA has at the story start.


  1. Humans, compared to networked minds like uplifts, tetras, bees, and jellies
  2. Bertha, IOTA
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